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My cat Misty wasn't brilliant, but I think we did have a telepathic thing going on. She very suddenly passed away, three weeks ago this Sunday. Like I said it was very sudden and unexpected, however the night before she died I had a strange dream. I didn't dream that she died, but she was gone and I was going to get another cat, an orange one to be exact. After she died I wanted to get another black cat and almost did. For some reason though we ended up going to another shelter and found Marley, a 6 month old kitten and fell in love with him. He's orange by the way. I know it sounds crazy but I think in a way Misty was telling me that it was her time to go and that I needed to find Marley and give him a good home. Like I said, her death was very unexpected and she showed not signs of sickness until about 7 hours before she died. Weird huh?