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Is your cat the most brilliant cat on earth?

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Abi rarely speaks. unless she wants food or feels compelled to tell me i have not left her litter boxes TOTALLY clump free. However in the last two days she has developed two more reasons to talk. When a fly iis inside and too high for her to reach she lets out this pathetic little mew which means come and smack it down to floor level so she can torture it. She also has a new loud meow and shiver which means stop moving around the house I want to sleep on top of you. Should I rent her out as an expert in behavior modiification?

At ten months old she has also started bringing her "prey" into the bed which consists of knotted paper cords, knitted snakes, and mink mice.
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I've owned some "brilliant" cats My first cat Mitten IMO was the smartest I've ever owned. He could speak English (out, now, milk). He was psychic - thru telephathy I'd tell him to jump on the chair - he would look at me, then the chair, then jump on it (I never looked at the chair, only to him telling him to do it). And one of the strangest/smartest was his ability to tell time and read a clock.

On Saturday morning, he'd want me up early to feed him, so I'd look at the clock and tell him either "come back in an hour and I'll get up OR come back at (such and such time)." Mitten came back to wake me up within 5 mins of whatever time it was that I told him. I have no idea if I "thought" of the time and what it would look like on the clock and he picked up the time or what, but he did that consistently!
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Nope, my kitties are not the brightest crayons in the box Demeter, however, is trying the telepathy thing I think. Eileen thinks she was telling me to get more cats, which I am, so maybe its working???
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Wow, Mitten and Abi are trully brilliant!

My Ajči can't really compete with the two, but here's a little something I noticed.

She loves to drink out of the bathtub. I wet the tub and then she licks the water off, and when she wants more, I have to shower the tub again. Full of excitement, Ajči usually stares in the shower so if I'd opened it, she'd get sprayed. The first time she did this, I've said to her "watch out, you'll get wet!" without actually opening the shower. She instantly jumped on the side of the tub and after I'd wet the tub and said "you can go now" she jumped right in again.

My boyfriend had a cat, who was able to communicate through telephathy. He often said to her in his mind to show him where she captured the mouse she brought to the house (he lived on the countryside) and she took him there and you could see some blood.
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My PJ is sometimes quite possibly one of the dumbest animals I've ever met. That said, she's also the prettiest!

Teddy is kind of average... reasonably smart.

Sassy, our first, had a trick where every night, she would gather her toys and line them up at the foot of the bed, in an absolutely perfectly straight line. If you moved one, she'd put it back. I don't know why she did it, but it was quite funny.
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Gator's not terribly bright, but such a lovebug. Seamus on the other hand is quite smart. He talks to me and I know what he wants. He knows the words 'car ride' and he knows that the doorknobs open the door, he just can't turn them. But he's always reaching up and grabbing them. So he's smart, but probably not the "Most Brilliant".
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Actually, my Tailer is a very, very smart cat. He talks, knows several words, and can tell time. But the most impressive is his ability to open things. He knows how to open doors, including the screen door to outside. (He can't always get a grip on the doorknob, but he knows how to do it.) He's also figured out how to open the latch on the cat food canisters. Unfortunately for us, he's taught the other cats how to do some of this stuff, too.
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Wonton's pretty clever, and i swear some animals really are telepathic. he likes his can food ok, but he likes tuna a lot more. thing is, if i get up to get him some cat food, usually he waits til i come back with it before he bothers to get up and go to his dish. but if i go out into the kitchen go open a can of tuna, he hops up from wherever he is and follows me to the door, and is there waiting when i come back with it. and i DONT say "want some tuna BooBoo?" he does this even if i don't say a word. its the strangest thing, and i don't have a rational explanation for it. the waiting at the door is explainable-he probably hears me opening the can. but why does he ONLY follow me to the door as i go to GET the tuna? how does he know what im going to get?
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Misty always 'knew' when my son was coming home from work (which was never at the same time by the nature of his job) or if my friend Joe was stopping by. 30 minutes before one of them would arrive he would go to the front door, meow then sit and wait. He only did that when someone was due to arrive.
A few months before Misty passed away, Joe tried to surprise me with a visit. I saw Misty run to the front door and start his routine so I put on a pot of coffee. After having him for 14 yrs, I learned to trust what he told me! When Joe walked in 25 minutes later, thinking he was unexpected, I handed him a cup of coffee. He asked me how I knew he was coming? He was on his way home from work and thought he'd stop by to say hello first. I said "Misty told me!" after that, he believed in Misty's super amazing telepathic powers
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Your cat must be reincarnation of my Mitten He also was good at opening doors by the handle.

One other thing he did. The one time in his life he had a UTI and let us know it. How? Well the litter pan was orange color - you can't see blood in an orange pan. So he jumped into the white bathtub and peed there. I saw the blood and got him to the vet's - turned out to be UTI; vet said it was probably caused by a mild virus he picked up as he was 7 or 8 at the time and most cats if they are prone to UTI's start at a young age. Mitten was smart enough to let us know. BTW he never peed in the bathtub again - one time only.
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those stories are amazing. I am going to try the telepathic thing with abi and see if that works. As a teen I had a cat who knew time and went to my bedroom about 15 minutes before i got home on the bus. Is it the position of the sun that tells them? or what? I am trying to decide what's most powerful for abi to respond to so i can see if she is a mind reader.

And can Abi teach this to my husband?
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Will warn you on the telepathic thing. You have to have a very close relationship to the cat. Its never worked on any of my other cats - only Mitten.

After Mitten died, there were several times he came back to visit me. Once I was taking a catnap in my bedroom. I'm sure the door was closed. I "felt" a cat jump on the bed and walk from the bottom to mid way and lay down against my back - could feel the "heat" of the body. I slowly turned over thinking it was one of other other cats. There was NO cat on the bed! None in the room or under the bed.

Mitten used to do that - come up and lay next to me. I got up and went downstairs and every single cat was sound asleep on the sofa/back of the sofa or tree house!
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I will be honest, phenom isn't so smart! But she is smart enough to have chosen a meowmy that will do anything for her so she gets whatever she wants anyways!!

Phantom on the other hand is a very quick learner! She knows when she is getting swatted by Phenom to just play dead and she will stop!
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I don't know about "brilliant", but my kitties have "habits" that endear them to me.


- Taps me on the leg when she wants to be cuddled.
- Can open the cupboard door under the sink so she can go and lay in the pot cupboard.
- Lays in the hallway by the bathroom to let me know she has to poop and the box is simply a) not full enough with litter b) not scooped.


- Can open the drawers under my waterbed.
- At one time she would jump onto the counter, then the fridge and then the top of the cupboards, but she couldn't figure out how to get back down so she would slide down the wall onto my deep freezer then jump to the floor. I finally showed her once by coaxing her with catnip and after that she managed to get down the same way she got up.
- She can always find her rolled up socks, no matter where they are.
- At 4 months she used to open the top freezer door of my fridge by hanging off the front of it and swinging and bouncing her body off the door. I kept catnip in there. I killed the habit by taping the door shut! LOL
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Well my cats must be brilliant...look how well trained I am!!!

Well...my dad and neighbours are very impressed with my kitties. My dad was at my house working while I was at work. And he was suprised when Rambo and Lucky both started getting frisky, and heading to the front door and window. 10 minutes later I pulled up and there they were waiting for me. Lucky knows exactly what cheese sounds like coming out of the fridge (i didn't know it made a noise...but she doesn't come running for anything else coming out of the fridge. I have to confess Rambo isn't the smartest of cookies...but he is momma's little boy and cute...so he gets a star for that!!!
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Of course. Mine have trained me to open cans of cat food, buy them toys, and make room in my bed!
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Originally Posted by Renny
Lucky knows exactly what cheese sounds like coming out of the fridge (i didn't know it made a noise...but she doesn't come running for anything else coming out of the fridge.
you are so right. I open the fridge endless times during the day and she only comes running when I reach for her food can. Even a can of olives sounds different. amazing !!!
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Bob is probably my smartest cat. I found him as a barely weaned baby in a box in my garage (feral mother not to be found). I brought him in the house and had him in my lap on the sofa. Another cat walked up to the closet door and pulled at the bottom of it with his paw to open it and go inside. Bob watched the entire process.

He fell asleep for about 2 hours, and when he woke up, he hopped off my lap, walked to the closet door and tried to open it with his paw. Granted cats learn by imitation, but he was 6 weeks old, in a brand new environment and kittens that young don't retain things very long. He's done remarkable things like this all his life.

The feral cat who I suspected to be his mom moved a litter of kittens out of the woods in the back of our property, to the back of our house 2 hours before a tornado ripped thru those woods (it cut down trees 4 feet in diameter). If she was Bob's mom, that makes the surviving kitten from that litter, Lucky, his half brother. The 2 of them hang out with each other a lot, as if they sense they are related.
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I seriously love this topic

Oscar, after carefully observing him against many many cats my sister and cousins own, is smarter. All you gotta do so that he remembers how things are done is once, and you can't outwit him

He sees a can of potato chip roll down our stairs one day, and break open. Since then, he kept rolling his can of cat treat down the stairs, trying to open them.

He would "study" all our windows, and know which ones will be covered by monday, or tuesday, so he stratgegcally sits in a specific spot each day of the week where he gets most of the view (I always cover alternately windows because stray cats, which I trapped, have neutered, then released, always display aggression towards Oscar).

He can open kitchen cabinets and doors

He is a better alarm clock! he jumps onto my bed, licks my face, at exactly 5 am every single day, and he would headbutt me like a maniac during his mealtime, whenever I loose track of time.

And I don't even have to have kids to know how it is to a mom
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Vik61 has a pretty smart kitten. Check out this thread:

Houdini Kitten
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca
Vik61 has a pretty smart kitten. Check out this thread:

Houdini Kitten

All the effort just to fit in there, brillant kitty
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oh i adore that houdini kitten thing. abi has been opening drawers for a long time. the worst is when i thoughtlessly come along and close one and she is inside napping. And I have to keep her food bags in a closed pantry because she drags them off counters and gnaws them open. That's why I broke down and put a teensy bell on her... so I could find where she is headed.
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My parents' cat 'Sirius' is seriously the most brilliant cat I've ever met.
When I lived at home, we were living in an apartment where him and his brother Ahilles (R.I.P) couldn't go outside. But Sirius was never an indoor cat, so he'd try anything to get out.

He could open doors as a kitten, but as he grew older he learned to unlock the front door as well. He'd jump on the lock so it turned and then he'd jump on the door knob so the door would open. And this was a heavy door.

He also learned to open up windows, even child-proof windows that we some times had problems opening.

Eventually my parents moved to the country in a house where he had free access to go outside cause it was either that or get rid of Sirius, and we couldn't do that

Now he's content with opening the refridgerator and stealing your food right from under your nose
I've seriously never met a cat like him.
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She sounds adorable. I use a squirt bottle to get the flies down to Pixel's level. Just squirt them off the ceiling and I also make sure she knows I am helping her hunt when I do this. Eye contact, etc.
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My boy, Max is not a trick cat. He just brings home 'presents'!

Zoe is the most intelligent. She knows the sound of my partners car driving down the road, no matter where she is in the house her ears perk up, she sits up straight (even if she was asleep) and runs to the back door to greet him. She will fetch rolled up celophane (the type they wrap delivered newspapers in) and the plastic rings off milk/juice bottles. If you throw it and she can't see it straight away, she will search for it for hours on end. She LOVES dried cat food but it has a bad effect on her stomach, but she will find ways of climbing up into high cupboards just to get to it.

Bella will poop on the floor next to the litter box if she thinks it is too full to use, knowing that when I clean up the poop, I also change the litter.
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Oh and I nearly forgot Bella's best trick - fishing out from a full washing basket my stocking-socks and racing around the house with them! I found 6 in her 'special box' under my bed yesterday - all full of holes!
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I don't know how brilliant, but talented and confident? Here's her story:

On the 2nd floor of our home, Isabelle was sitting on a desk watching the birds fly by the window from the ivy which covered a connecting wall. The window was open, but the screen was down. This screen was very, very old, but intact. All of a sudden she LEAPS through the screen (remember, 2nd floor?) and with my broken arm I grab her hind leg and with my other hand, grab her tail... and pull her body back through the ripped screen. Can you believe she CAUGHT that bird flying by? And still had it in her mouth (growling at me to put her down!) as we raced down the stairs to shake the poor thing loose on the porch. Other than little drips of bird blood to clean up, and a sore arm, everyone was fine - but I couldn't believe that happened!

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Naturally !!


- opens the fridge

- is the king of Somersaults

and has developed the most piteous of moans that will make you do anything for his majesty!!
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Kasey, who passed away last year (at the tender age of 23!! ) would stand on her hind legs and with her front paws turn door knobs to get into rooms we'd closed off. She also had a habit of 'scooping her food' into her paw and she'd then eat from her paws
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this morning Abi opened a drawer in the bathroom, jumped inside.. nothing new, but then she left sight. she had found a little nook open to the framing of the house and was now inside the wall under the jacuzzi. only the sound of her food plate brought her out. my husband is child proofing drawers and sealing up anything open to framing. oy
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