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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials?

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HI Guys!

I downloaded the trial version of PSP last night and started to play with it some. Well talk about being intimidated!! I am not a graphic artist in the least but I think if I can figure out the basics and how to's then I can do stuff. But I was just getting frustrated!

I am a hands on person. Reading a manual usually does not help me much. I like the step by step tutorials that have you performing tasks as you learn.

Anyone use any good books or know of anything online that could help me?

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I dont really use PSP (I can give you lots of photoshop ones), but check out this thread for info from people who do use PSP

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I have plenty of tuts bookmarked, but these are the ones that got me started.... Robbies Creative Retreat. I was lost too when I first got PSP & these tuts helped a lot.
If you downloaded version 10, I noticed that not all of the links are there, but you can always do the tuts for v9.

Here are a few other sites...
Making a cutout.
Getting started with PSP.
PSP Tutorial links.
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Thanks so much guys! I am excited to get started
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Yeah...I do NOT have the patience for this! I need a class or something.

I spent 45 minutes after erasing the background trying to figure out what I am supposed to do next. How do I get the cat into another pic and add my other cat etc. What the heck are layers?

The tutorials are not answering my questions because I can not ask them correctly because it is a computer.

I give up....I will leave the graphics to the people who do not want to throw the computer!!!!

I am walking away now!!

Thanks anyway for the links.
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It doesn't always take that long, but it does take some patience to learn. With time you will be able to do them much quicker!
To start with you may find it easier to do it this way:
But with kitties I suggest you use some feather (1-2 in that box)
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Don't give up... you'll get it! It sounds like you're trying to run before learning to walk. Try doing the tuts I posted. Even though they are nothing like a cat siggy, they do teach you the steps & tools needed to create things in psp.

If you made your cut out, then you already tackled the hardest & most tedious part of making a siggy.

You need to open a new project & then resize your cut out (if needed), then copy & paste it into your new project. From there you add a background, text, etc.

The 1st tuts I listed show you how to do all of that. It takes a little while to go through them, but it's important to learn the basics!

This one explains layers..
Learning Layers
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