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bouquet question

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I remembered there was a website that shows a list of acceptable plants and what are toxic, but I completely lost it. Looked around the website, and I don't know where I could find it.

I recently got some bouquet of flowers that I set near me. My cat loves the plant that came with it. I have no idea what it's called, but I guess if I see it, I'd know what it is... The thing is, she keeps nibbling on it and rubbing up against it. Then she'd run away and come back. I need to know if it's safe for her or if it's toxic. Any idea what this plant could be? It comes with flowers all the time for an extra decoration. I would really like that site also with the list of plants.... I think I found it here somewhere, but I have no idea where it is.
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Gonna need a photo, or at least a better description on this one

Personally, I do not allow any bouquet plant munching regardless of what it is- I put double face tape all around the vase to keep the cats away.

Here's a page with several reference sites listed. Just google "toxic+plants+pets".
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Hard to tell without seeing it, but it sounds like "Baby's Breath". All my cats have tried to nibble on this stuff over the years. It's like it was catnip to them.
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It's the green stuff she keeps knibbling on and sniffing. I have no idea what it is called... not a big plant person. Was wondering if anybody knows if it's safe and what it is. Sorry, my camera is a bit wonky so no clear picture.
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It looks like some kind of fern. Maybe call the florist where the bouquet came from and ask them what it is.
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Until you can find out what it is, move the plant out of reach. I've lost a cat to a plant toxin and it's an awful thing to happen. Keep an eye on your girl and if she starts acting abnormal in anyway, make a vet appointment ASAP and take some of the plant with you.

You're arrangement looks fine, but a lot of them contain a member of the lily family. Lillies are highly toxic and should be kept out of your house at all costs.
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I've worked in the floral industry for many years. That green stuff is commonly called tree fern in florist shops. Under NATURAL conditions, it will not harm your cat. However, florists don't have control over what pesticides or growing conditions flowers and plants have gone through before they get to the shop for resale. Most cut flowers come from south america where the use of pesticides are regulated differently than here in the states. Never let your cat chew or eat any flowers or greenery that you get from any retail or wholesale market.
As a florist, I was trained early to always wash my hands after handling flowers. You just don't know what pesticides could possibly be on these plants and I've heard of some florists getting sick after being exposed to certain toxins present in cut flowers. Mold is a common problem in greenery used in arrangements too, most reputable shops will go through their greens to assure no mold is present but there's always that chance that a piece that has mold spores on it will be missed and go out to the consumer.
Never let your cat eat anything that comes from your grocery store's floral dept. or a flower shop. Better to be safe than sorry.
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