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Zakk is fine, though he mews pitifully the whole way there, and the whole way back. He has always been like that it in the car. Luckily he only had to go once or twice for a non routine thing besides yearly visits.
Rocky is a doll in the car. Just sits there. He used to be pretty good at tge vet until he had to stay there once. Now, my sweetest cat starts growling in the waiting area at any dogs he sees or smells, and hissing. I get a lot.. thats a cat?? Then when we get in the room he hunches down and is very hot and bothered. His fur gets real fluffy and he looks pretty scraggly. Then, when he gets a shot (which is usual due to his condition) he has a note that two people are needed to restrain him due to his tendency to twist away.

The other two have only gone twice as kittens besides the neuter spay. They were fine, but we will see when they go back later this year.
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Scratch is pretty good when we go to the vet's. We don't have to shove her into her carrier and she doesn't meow in the car. When she's on the examining table she presses up against whoever is closest to her, and doesn't hiss or growl. Then again, she's never been a hisser/growler.
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I guess when Limerick was getting neutered at Wilson College, he cried and yowled for hours. One of the professors poked his head in to see if he was ok. Limerick just looked at him and chirped. He also hissed when he was being put int he cage. It was more of a "I don't want to be in here" hiss the a "I hate you hiss". He didn't go near me for a week after that one... haha
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I can almost hear Oscar say "Oh no!" In the carrier, and in the car, he's a bit cool, with the toys I bring, but shots a piercing look at me

When examined, he's agile, circling, and motioning away from the table, and when stuck with any device, or needle, he kicks (me), and bites (me), which I find puzzling, and am annoyed, he never kicks or bites the assistant or vet, just ME. When he caught a bad case of cold and his temperature went to the roof, he hid under the doctor's desk, within pile of papers it took me 20 minutes to get him out of there without me ruining (and him tearing) the papers

Still, time with the vet is just as taxing for me as its is stressful for him. His vet has a way with Oscar though, she's so kind and gentle.
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I take my boys separately, because Loki is a little angel and Jacob is the devil incarnate at the vet! Funny thing, because Loki is definitely the alpha cat at home (my grandson calls him the evil cat) but at the vet he is perfect - just sits there and blinks!

Jacob, on the other had, who is a mellow fellow the rest of the time, turns into a tasmanian devil at the vet. It starts when we walk through the door and stops the second we go out it again! I remember when he was neutered and I went to pick him up, I could hear what sounded like a cougar in the back. To my surprise (this was his first episode - guess he didn't like being neutered), it was Jacob! The carrier was bouncing around in the assistant's hand. When I went to open the door to see what on earth was wrong with him, the assistant very quickly said "Don't do that - we don't want him loose!" He bites, he snarls, he growls, it takes 3 people to hold him down. The vet has noted in his records "What an attitude!" She calls him Jacob Two Two, The Hooded Fang!
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The first time we took Swanie to the vet, he thought it was a great adventure, jumped out of his carrier and wanted to explore everything. Then the vet had to pick some gunk out of his nose and he hissed at her big time. Now, he seems to enjoy the ride over there, looking out the windows, but refuses to come out of the carrier when we get there (we have to do the kitty dump or pull him out). He doesn't like it, but he's a very gentle kitty, and usually only cringes and wiggles. And tries to get on top of his carrier. Usually he forgets about it as soon as we get him home (or at least doesn't hold it against us).

Cindy is a challenge to get her into the carrier (altho it's getting easier). She meows the entire ride there, won't come out of the carrier without the dump, and pretty much just wraps her tail around herself, tries to make herself smaller, and tries to hide under my arm. She sheds a lot as well. But other than that, she's a very good patient, very docile. Then when we get home, we get "talk to the tail" for awhile.
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The way my girls act at the vets can be summed up by how they reacted during their spays. When we brought Willow, she escaped from us (we were holding her, naiive little minions we were). She crawled under a shelf of cat food and we and the vet tech spent some time trying to pull her out. We the family couldn't reach her, and if the vet tech so much as got within 2 inches of Willow, she would get a hiss and a slice in the finger, lol. Finally we caught her and she went in to be spayed. When they needed to get her out of the cage to get her spayed, she wouldn't let anybody near her so they had to gass her while she was in the cage (they put a box thing overtop of her and released the gas that way, lol). And when we went to pick her up, we had to go to the back where she was and get her out of the cage ourselves. She hated us for a while, lol

When Buffy went in, she was pretty good (compared to Willow, lol). She let the vet tech take her to the other room, and when we went to pick her up, we didn't get told that she had to be gassed in her cage, lol. But she was a SCREAMER, though. The vet tech left us to go get her and almost immediately we heard her familiar yowling and she didn't stop yelling for a short while. We'd brought Willow along (familiar face to comfort Buffy, you know) and she soon quieted down. Willow was terrified though, lol.

Molly was the model patient. We handed her over for the vet tech to take her to the back room and she just snuggled into the tech's arms. "Oh, you're just a little snuggler, aren't you?" the vet tech said as she walked away, lol. Molly wasn't happy, she was terrified, and that's how she comfort herself, lol. The next day it was the same thing, she hunkered down in the tech's arms and then did the same when she was handed over to us. No yelling, no scratching, no huss, no fuss.
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