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What do your furbabies do at the vet?

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Limerick had his checkup today. Needless to say he was not thrilled. He was shaking and looking for a place to hide but he did well. He didn't hiss or try to hurt me, the Vet Tech or the vet. He got a booster and microchip and didn't make a sound. I'm so proud of my boy! He has a clean bill of health.

With Limerick being so well behaved I was wondering what your kitties do when they are a the vet?
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Ripley growls and cowers on the examination table.

Fergus thinks he's at some type of show...he's a suck-up. He's been deemed one of the only cats my vet has ever seen that seems to actually enjoy the experience. He'll love up on ANYONE...the receptionist, people in the waiting room, the vet, me...whoever.

Captain Steuben criiiiieeeeeessssssssss, and then gets nippy.
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Well, Jazz has to be pried (sp) out of the carrier . As soon as I put Maggie May in the carrier she poops!!!!. When we get to the Vet she just walks out on her own as if to tell the Vet "I'm here, by the way can you clean up the mess in the carrier"? Maggie does well during the exam but Jazz has to be held down or she will run! But they don't hiss or try to scratch anyone .
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My girls are generally very well-behaved. They're scared, obviously, but very good about being handled. Peter gets absolutely pretrified, though. At our last visit no one (not me, the tech or the vet) could pry him out of the carrier, so we had to remove the top for him to be examined.
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Mine all do their best rag doll impression. They just go completely limp. It would be so cute if I didn't know they were actually scared to pieces.
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Bumper walks around and sniffs everything, his nose goes really red and he loses half of his fur.
Boomer usually will just sit on my lap and wait like a good little kitty.
Scully plomps his butt down in the window seat and waits to be picked up and put on the examination table at which point the vet gets kisses, meowmy gets kisses, vet tech gets kisses.

Magnum, you need 4 people to pry him out and then he hisses and bites everything in sight
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We either tip them out of the carrier or open the top up.

If they are at 'their' vet - Leanne - my cats are pretty good. They also behave for their second choice vet - Michael, but they genuinely like Leanne. I would only take my cats to the head vet there in an emergency (he's perfectly competent, and has several awards, but I don't like the way he handles my cats, and Molly and Sláine are terrified of him).

I like Leanne too - she's competent and gentle - she only takes temps if it's indicated, not routinely - she likes training and trying new things - I wish I could clone her and train the clone up as a gp.

Molly likes to hide her face in my arms at the vets. Bobby purrs at Leanne - almost constantly. Slayer runs around and cat types on the vet's pc. Sláine is pretty calm mostly, though if she's held too long she gets wiggley.

Bobby growls a lot when in pain, but it doesn't mean anything - Molly doesn't, but she's actually dangerous - we've had to wrap her in towels and things if she's decided she's had enough.

The other two are just wigglers, but perfectly safe to handle.

ETA: Molly and Bobby lose enough fur each to make a whole new kitty.
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Pixel meows piteously & hides her head under my arm. she also seems to turn loose of her hairs, so she sheds excessively!
Cable & Java explore the waiting room.
haven't had to take Chip since i got him, so don't know about him.
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8-Bit cries the WHOLE way there, then cries some more in the waiting room, then won't get out of the kitty carrier when the vet wants to examine him. We have to dismantle the whole thing to get him out. Once he's out he will curl up in the vets arms like she is his best friend, and let her do what ever she wants. It's a bit frustrating.

Scratch will get into the cat carrier, will cry a little, but once the vet touches him he turns into "dead" kitty. He just gives me this look like "You are so going to pay for this when we get home".
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She basically tries to wriggle away from the vet, and cries when restrained. But that's it.... she's such a good girl!
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My old vet lied - he told me Bumper was a freak for losing all his fur at the vets and here we are with other kitties doing the same... if it weren't for me never going back there I would tell him that!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21
My old vet lied - he told me Bumper was a freak for losing all his fur at the vets and here we are with other kitties doing the same... if it weren't for me never going back there I would tell him that!

Every cat I know sheds when they get nervous.... What was that guy thinking?
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Milo is pretty good at the vet. He cries a bit, but other than that he's good.

Zebra freaks out. When we brought her in for her shots about a month ago she was going crazy and scratching everyone, especially while they were doing an earmite check and cleaning her ears. Today when I went to get her to put her in the carrier to bring her in for her spay she scratched my arm up and freaked out and ran away. I chased her around for like 10 mins and finally got her, just as I was about to be late for bringing her in. She had to be there by 8:45 and I didnt catch her until after 8:30. She cried the whole way there and when they took the carrier from me to bring her back she looked sad.
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All they do is shed. A LOT. There are tons of fur poofs everywhere after they leave.
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well, i didn't mention the meowing all the way there - & the complete silence all the way home!
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Autumn is shy and will hide her head and blow her coat. Meeka becomes a holy terror. She had a bad experience at the vet and since then has become very aggressive (never was before). Poor girl...last time they had to use gloves to get her out adn when they did she peed all over the floor. She has a lot of negative connections with the vet. Hope...well we will find out on Friday! She hasn't been in since November I believe so this is her first time in as an adult.
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Wonton cries all the way there, the most pitiful meow..i always feel terrible :/ once we're there, he'll come out if we give him a minute. once he's there he's ok, he'll sit quietly on the examining table while we wait. he's ok with the vet, but when he gets his temp taken, he always gives a little growl. i don't blame him though, i'd give a little growl too
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I don't think my cats think it is so scary at the vet. One of them just purr constant when you hold her and pet her, even at the vets, so our vet couldn't listen to her heart because of that.
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Lukas begins his sorrowful yeowling as soon as he's in the carrier-we have a 40 mi.ride to the vet with a non-stop Siamese mouth all the way-He is known by everyone at the office so as soon as we're thru the door you hear "Lukas is here,Lukas is here"-My vet is one of the most gentle vets I have known & Lukas has had some pretty complicated health issues so he knows Dr. Mike well-lies down purring up a storm-"flirts & meows" to all the techs-As soon as he's back in the carrier it's back to the motor-mouth. After a visit he's "meow-less" for a day or two-Silence is Golden
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Pudge asks me to pick her up, then curls up into a shedding, shaking ball and tucks her head under my chin. She is shy aroud strangers, and the addition of a strange place=stressed out Pudge.

After a bit of comforting, she calms down, I put her on the table, she calmly lets the vet examine her (claws in, no hissing or growling), and is then all too happy to be returned to her carrier. She just lounges around the carrier quietly and sleeps during car rides.
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my cat freaks out when he goes to the vet. he jumps around.
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No clue, since MIL works at the clinic, she picks them up and drops them back off at home when they need to go.

She tells us though that they all suffer complete personality trades.
My cats that are terrors at home are angels at the clinic and my cats that are angels at home turn into wailing banshee hellcats at the clinic.
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When the 5 kittens were getting there 2nd vaccination shots, 3 of them made themselves at home in the weighing scales (looked so cute)...the other 2 just relaxed on the vet's table.

I was surprised how calm and relaxed they were! Even the vet was too!
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Both of mine are good at the vets. Rambo has been to the vet alot in the last two months, that when we get to the clinic he hopes out (on his leash & harness) and goes straight to the door. He then proceeds to hide in the bathroom in the waiting room (only emerging to get love from all the vet techs). It adores the vets, and will even forgive them for IV's, needles and sub-q fluids. He likes to prowl the examination room and see if he can open the door (it has one of those long handles).

Lucky stays in my arms in the waiting room on the way to see the vet, but then when she gets out she likes to climb down on the receptionists lap and do whatever she can to hinder any typing or work on the receptionists part. Lucky allows herself to be checked by the vet, but prefers to return to the safety of my arms between each step of a check up.

I couldn't ask for better kitties!
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The vet techs get a coffee break when Jamie is there, and both vets wear long sleeves and protective goggles - need I say more? He's won the "worst patient" award several times. He yowls all the way to the vets', freaks out if he sees another cat (his appointments have to be carefully scheduled, so there are only dogs, ferrets, rabbits, etc., but no cats in the waiting room), refuses to come out of the carrier, bites, scratches, expresses his anal glands (what we call "playing skunk", hence the goggles), and insists on sitting on top of my head. He's not a small cat (6 kilos).
At least I manage to get him checked out and vaccinated. His brothers' owner, who is very experienced with cats, has just about given up on taking the one brother except in emergencies. He's reportedly even worse than Jamie.
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Nathan sheds like crazy, but other than that he stays pretty relaxed. I'm lucky, I have found a really great clinic where the vets are awesome with the kitties. But once before we found these vets we had to take Nathan in for a UTI on the Friday night of a holiday weekend and we could only find one clinic open. I got a totally bad vibe from this vet, and Nathan clearly did too, because he growled the entire time and at one point tried to climb my husband like a tree.

Nedicks is really not a fan of going to the vet, or of leaving the apartment for any reason at all. I put a nice soft towel in the carrier for her, and she hides her face in it the entire way there. We have to tip her out of the carrier and then take it away because she keeps trying to go back in. She never tries to run away though. She does this thing where she just kind of starts strolling away nonchalantly like it's the most normal thing in the world--it's like she's thinking, "Maybe if I go real slow, they won't notice I'm leaving." The weird thing though is that whenever the vet or one of the vet techs picks her up, she gives hugs--puts her front paws around their neck and puts her chin on their shoulder. They are all in love with her because of that. And because she's so cute of course.
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Wow, am I lucky.

Zissou acts the way she does in a bath. Acts like she wants off the table, but other than that just looks perplexed or annoyed, depending. Even when they took her temp, she was just like "I do not like this mommie!" and hid her head in my elbows.
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Abilene- my most crazy and wild furbaby is awesome when she's scared because she will just freeze in place and let you do anything to her lol...try and pick her up at home though and you'll get mauled! (she's my little feral rescue) So when she goes to the vet or i bathe her she just freezes in place and doesn't move- she's the best one to take to the vet.

Isabella will scream- yes scream like the little princess she is, it's hysterical...she's way too dramatic. -Especially if they mess up her fur- she will give them a go to .... look and immediately start grooming herself.

Jasmine, our little sugar momma will yowl when she gets shots or her temperature taken (she's a little Siamese, what can i say lol) ...and then she'll immediately start loving on the vets- it's funny. She's a sweet girl.

Velvet wants absolutely nothing to do with the vet- she shakes and cries and will only let me hold her...none of the vet techs. She does really good though as long as she's in my arm. If we let her down though, she makes a b-line for her momma and wants out of there lol.

The funniest furbaby of mine that i've ever taken to the vet though is my wolf mix Ginger- she will "backtalk" the vet, make a little yodling sound, shake her tail at them, and literally drag them around the office! She's sooooo sassy- but they all know her by name up there and love her- she always walks out with doggie treats in her mouth lol. It's funny, one afternoon i came to pick her up from the vets office after they ran some tests on her and when the little vet tech was bringing her out to see me, Ginger literally dragged that poor girl all the way to the front deskto see me lol. The little vet tech was hanging on to Ginger's leash for dear life- it was pretty funny to see my little wolf dragging her like she was an idetirod sled dog. I felt so bad for her- but i couldn't help but bust out laughing along with the rest of the people in the office . My little wolf mix is definitely a little sassy pants.
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Originally Posted by Satai
I wish I could clone her and train the clone up as a gp.
I said the same thing the first time Brian and I left Anya's vet office. The guy was so nice I wish he was my doctor too!

Anya has only been a handful of times to the vet but she's always good. I toss a couple of her fave toys in the carrier with her and she entertains herself for hours if needed.

The only time she isn't all lovey dovey with the vet is when she's getting a shot. Then she tries to bite the vet or vet tech but who can blame her? Shots stink.
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That would be why he is an ex-vet... completely useless.

One of the more junior partners there is great, but getting an appointment with him is next to impossible. Our new vet is so gentle and caring, after Scully came out of surgery someone from her practise called every day to check on him. And they call on the kitties birthdays to sing happy birthday to them!
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