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I thought he was a bug!

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I'm feeling so guilty right now. This morning, before the alarm went off, I felt something kind of tickling my face. I was only half awake so, thinking it was a bug, I kind of freaked out and tried whacking it away with my hand. It wasn't a bug, though. It was Peter, just trying to be sweet, and I ended up knocking him off the bed. He was more surprised than anything and I think he had his feelings hurt because he wouldn't come back into bed after that and wouldn't let me get near him me before I left for work. I hope my sweet boy has decided to forgive me by the time I get home! I may have to resort to bribery with some treats.
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Awwwwww, i'm sure he'll forgive his meowmy Eileen..........that's what love is all about.......
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But I still think the "love bug" - no pun intended - deserves some extra special treats - don't you!!!!
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Awww. He will be loving when you get home you know they can embarass easy they have so much pride!
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Aw poor Pete! Silly boy, I did something similar to Zeus last week, I woke up a little late so I went to whip off my covers, not knowing Zeus was laying right beside me and ended up throwing him to the other side of the bed i don't think he appreciated being woken up that way
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I think you guys are right that this hurt Peter's pride more than anything else. I always tell him he's my "hunk" and the only "man" for me, so he definitely has an ego to bruise.
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I did kinda the same thing when Limerick was little. I forgot he was curled up at my feet and I kicked him off. He wasn't too happy but came back the next night at his new normal spot.... on my pillow!!
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A little judicious sucking-up and whatever treats he craves will make it all right, Mum. Poor dear just got his feelings hurt, and of course has to make sure that Mum is fully aware of that.
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awwww, the poor baby. I know I feel terrible when I almost step on my baby. She has to walk right under my foot as I'm taking a step, and I feel like poopy when I almost step on her and end up just clipping her with my foot.
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aww, i did that a couple weeks ago with Wonton...and the thing is, im terrified of spiders. i was in bed half asleep, and i felt something soft and scrabbly scrape against my upper arm, and i JUMPED a foot and instinctively tried to bat it away..and it was Wonton when i realized it he was sitting on the floor looking at me like what the ****? i felt bad some kitty treats won me his forgiveness though
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Aww poor baby! I hope you've won his affection back by now!
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How did it go?
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he will come back up. he loves his meowmy.
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Oh Poor Peter! Considering my recent spider bite sometime in the night, I'd have done the same thing!

I'm sure he'll forget it soon!
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Well, it appears all is forgiven with Peter. I just home about half an hour ago and he was very happy to see his meowmy!
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Oh, great! Poor you, worried all day.
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