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Need help!

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I need some help-Ginger is my 4 yrs. old siamese who so far seemed to be one of the healtier kitties in my bunch. About 2 weeks ago I noticied her constantly licking her rear end-I first thought maybe her anal glands were full , but then it became totally obsesive. I took her in to the vet where I work and they thought it may be a urinary tract infection-but when we checked her urine it was fine. So not really believing that "there was nothing wrong", I took her to my regular vet on Saturday-she said she probably had a bad case of vaginitis-her "danger zone" is as red as a fire truck-we are also planning an ultrasound for her tomorrow to make sure she is not passing any bladder stones and that is cause for the irratation. We also tried to put her on antibiotics but this very experienced vet tech can not get a pill down her to save my life! I have tried pill pockets, liquids formulas and sneaking it into her food-I cannot get it down her!!! Has anyone had any experience with the vaginitis and of so what/how did you treat. The other thing I forgot to metnion is that she is now vomiting all over my house. I just want to make sure she is healthy-as we are going on vacation in a little less than a month and I already have a seizuring kitten to worry about as well.
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I am sorry that you are both going through this!

Have you checked with your vet about possibly giving her injections? No fun, I know, but she must have her medication.

Secondly, in case it becomes important later on, I suggest that you check now how far in advance you have to cancel so that you can be refuned (full or part) your tickets, etc.
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Some pharmacies now are mixing meds into cat friendly flavors. I know Kerr is doing this. Maybe that would work better?
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I just got off the phone with the vet and we are going to go ahead with the ultrasound and see what that finds, she also said that she would do a vaginal wash under anthesia and flush out all the bacteria as well as give her an injection of antibiotics so that we do not have to pill her. I just fell bad for her since I can only imagine how painful and irritating that must be.
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