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Old Urine Odors

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Is there anyway to neutralize OLD urine odors? I had male cats that, even tho' neutered, had to show who was boss, and my living room rug took the worst of it. Superficially, you can't smell a thing. But, when you get down about 2 feet from the floor the odor hits you like a ton of bricks. I know the smell is down in the carpet pad, too, and the best thing to do would be to replace the rug & pad. Unfortunately, that's not an option at the moment. Any ideas?
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You would have to soak the heck out of that rug and padding to get rid of seeped in urine, and if you did that it would be terribly difficult to dry. Possibly a commercial carpet cleaning service could treat it and extract enough of the moisture that it would dry- that's about all I think would help.

I pulled out all my carpets years ago and was absolutely sickened by what I found under there- I'd live with bare subfloor & an area rug first.
But I know what you mean about costs- unfortunately if that carpet is as damaged as you described IMO it is toast.
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I'd suggest drenching it in Simple Solution (or other enzymatic cleaner) so that every level of the rug is soaking. Leave for a couple of hours and then dab up any residue. Leave to dry natually - generally between 24-48 hours - and it should have done the trick, or at least lessened the smell
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