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I was sitting here at the desk, browsing different things online.. when Macchiato started squealing at me, for me to pick him up. So I picked him up and put him on the desk, where he curled up and watched the mouse move along the screen.

Then we wanted to attack it, but I told him no, and sat him back down on the floor. But he is big enough to jump and climb the computer chair, and then jump onto the desk

But there is a gap in between the moniter and the spot where he was sitting. So we can have an easy access to the tower. and we went to jump to the moniter, and missed his target and fell through the gap, which my legs were right below.

He grabbed a firm hold and slid down to the floor, and ran off like it never happened.

It was bleeding a bit, but it has stopped now. I washed it with hot water and antibacterial soap, so it should be alright.

I got ghost white legs.
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Ouchie! I have scars from my kitties getting traction on various parts of my body.

(BTW, my legs are about the same shade of ghostly white as yours! )
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All i can say is ouch!!!
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Ouch is right. Hope it feels better soon.

I also have ghost white legs..lol I think mine are actually see through
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OUCH is right, lol, unfortunately it will be one of many those little claws do the darndest things
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I got scars all over my arms and fingers from the rescue cats, being bitten and scratched.. but never this bad by a kitten

And yeah.. my upper body is a nice tan, but I usually wear jeans so thats why my legs are white Why didn't I wear them today?
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Sorry for the Scratches!
Are feel better now?

I hope yes!
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Oh yes, it feels alot better.. I don't even feel it. Used to cat scratches.. my only problem is that I like to pick scabs before they are ready to come off, which causes scarring. Which is why my arms look like they do. So I need to smarten up
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ouch, i still have one where my cat missed the jump to my lap. left 2 nice long ones..
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That will leave a mark.....
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