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Where do your cat/s sleep??

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I'm just curious.. uh oh, you know what curiosity did to the cat ! Seriously, I am just interested to know. Our past cats always shared our bed, and our new kitten has made himself right at home in my daughter's bed. How about yours?
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Just like the 300 pound gorilla - anywhere they want!

My bed, mom's bed, on the ottoman, in the hallway (usually as mom is trying to make her way to the bathroom), on my monitor, on the box near my bed...
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It varies really.

For along time Chynna used to come into the bed for night-night cuddles and then go and sleep at the foot of the bed. Sometimes she still does that, other times I wake up to find that she is either in the living room on the sewing machine, office chair, or area rug. Sometimes she's in the kitchen in the pot cupboard.

Abby will sometimes sleep beside me or by my feet or pillow. Sometimes I wake up and she's in the living room on my office chair (only if Chynna isn't there first), on the deep freeze, on the table or under the coffee table on the area rug. Sometimes she's in my bedroom closet.

In the winter they seem to sleep more in my bed. I have a waterbed and it's warmer for them in the winter so I think they like that.
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Where ever they want really. They usually don't sleep with us on the bed itself but they lay on the afghan I have that covers my cedar chest at the foot of the bed.

Lately it has been so hot they are sort of sprawling out any place to keep cool.

I am sure when winter comes they will return to kitty piles on the couch and bed.
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Maggie May usually joins me in bed, Jazz sleeps in her carrier, I thinks she considers it her room .
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in the bed, chair in the computer room, and sometimes in the hallway outside the bed room
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Our cats start out sleeping with us, but then they usually want out a couple hours after we go to sleep. I don't know where they sleep when they leave our room. We should leave them out of our room altogether. My husband is allergic to cats and it's not helpful to have them in bed with us.
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Jaffa sleeps on my bed at night. Mosi usually starts off under the bed and moves onto the bed at some point during the night. I usually wake up to him lying on my face
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Molly and Bobby mostly sleep not so much on my bed as on me, in my bed.

Molly sometimes sleeps in other parts of the house, on the couches or soft chairs, or the spare bed - but usually only if she was settled down there for a while before we went to bed.

Bobby also likes to sleep on the floor if BF has "put his clothes on the floorrobe".

Slayer sleeps on a fake fur on the top of the dresser at the end of our bed.

Sláine - not really sure. She doesn't sleep in our room, and is last to bed and first up. During the day she has lots of nap zones, so I imagine she sleeps in different spots at night, depending on where her fancy takes her - she has the whole house to herself, after all!
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Big Guy Dino sleeps on our bed, usually under my armpit - phew ! - and its so warm now it drives me mad, but every time I move, he scouches closer

Miss Moofs and Princess Peps sleep outside on top of my tikki hut, cos they are so warm they get a breeze up there

In the winter they are ALL on the bed
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They usually sleep in the various cat trees or on a chair or sofa. Loomis will sleep the day away in bed, but never when one of us is in there too. They will come visit us in the bed, but pressing cat business usually calls them away.

Or they find an extra special spot....

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My cats sleep where ever they like, I don't really have a say. Harley will sleep in the spare room, usually with the window open, Mellow will sleep either in my chair or in the window, and my two kittens usually don't sleep during the night. I'm not quite sure why they don't understand that when the lights go out and mama and dad are in bed, it's time to sleep, not bounce around and start playing with everything in sight. Soon I hope.
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Kirra sleeps just about everywhere. In our bed, usually on my husband in some way or form since he is a natural heater. She rarely sleeps in her condo, she has been spotted sleeping on the kids reindeer plush chair that they have, also in my hsuband's computer chair. She "requested" that we keep my old computer chair that fell apart and put it in our room for her to lay on. She also likes to sleeon on the back of the couch, but not the flat back, she sleeps on the hump , how she doesnt fall i have no clue.
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Wherever they land!

Usually in the living room on the couch, all cuddled up together
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Spike sleeps on top of my boyfriend's dresser, on the bathroom counter, on the kitchen table, on the cat tree, on the floor beside the laundry hamper, on the blanket on top of the laundry hamper, or sprawled on the floor in the hallway. Very, very rarely he'll sleep on our bed: usually only when he can cuddle with his brother, or when I'm home sick with a migraine.

Oz sleeps on the back of the loveseat, on the back of the big chair in the living room, in the window in the living room, on the cat tree, on our bed, on or beside the laundry hamper, on the futon, on the floor beside my side of the bed, and, lately, on the blanket in the Dell computer box. When I'm taking a shower, he'll sleep on top of the my towels on the floor, but he doesn't usually stick around for long. Ozzie is the more dominant cat of the two, so if Spike is sleeping in a spot Oz favours, Spike finds someplace else to sleep. And when Oz sleeps with us at night, he takes his "half" out of the middle of the bed, and then sprawls in such a fashion that my boyfriend and I find ourselves sleeping on the edge of the mattress, with a very smug tabby sleeping contentedly in the middle!
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At night Naraku sleeps right next to me. Sometimes I'll find him under the blankets curled up by my side. Nepenthe always sleeps in between mine and my boyfriends pillow. During the day Naraku sleeps usually on my lap but when I'm not home he sleeps on my office chair. Nepenthe can usually be found sleeping under the bed or by a window.
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At night, Our 1 year old (Bolitas) slept with us when he was a kitten, but now he sleeps on a shelf in our closet that covered with hanging clothes.
Our kitten (Blotsy) sleeps on my pillow, usually with his paws all over my face
During the day, they are usually both asleep on seperate kitchen chairs (wouldn't be my first choice for comfort, but they seem to like it).
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Kinks likes to sleep in bed with us. Noira sleeps on the Pappasan chair. Pwne sleeps in bed with us or on the desk chair by my bed. Da-Ku also likes the desk chair but occationally sleeps with us. Eliott sleeps on the bottom or second shelf of the book case downstairs. He sleeps there all the time. Willoughby pretty much sleeps all day and all night in my clothes closet on the floor. Bowie likes her basket downstairs especially now that I put a towel in it.

When it is hot they sleep on top the washing machine or on the kitchen tiled floor where it is cooler.
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With me of course!! Sebastian is usually on and off the bed at night though. Either in the doorway or next to my head. The baby is right next to me all night During the day they usually sprawl on the floor in the middle of wherever you happen to be walking Or on the radiator in front of the windows.
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Tavia sleeps in my bed at night but also gets up and checks out the rest of the house. In the day time she either sleeps on the washer or on my bed.
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Nedicks sleeps at the foot of my side of the bed, or occasionally on my pillow right above my head. Nathan sometimes sleeps at the foot of my side of the bed, sometimes sprawled out next to me, sometimes in the hall outside the bedroom, and sometimes (unebelievable!) he actually sleeps in the kitty bed.
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at night, as soon as Wonton sees me get in bed and lay down, he comes and curls up by my stomach, and goes to sleep. sometimes he snuggles up to my bf, but it's usually me-my bf tells me that i don't move around much when i sleep, so that's probably why Wonton prefers to sleep next to me.

In the day time, if he can get into my lap to sleep he will, otherwise he usually curls up on the foot of the bed. when it's hot he just stretches out on the floor and dozes. Sometimes he sneaks in the closet and goes to sleep on piles of clothes in there. Right now he's in curled up on the bed
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