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My cat has thyroid ??

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Just found out the blood test results my cat has thyroid,the vet is ringing me tomorrow with a full explination and what treatement can anyone tell me what this is?And how it will affect my kitty??

She was from a rescue and i thought she was 9 i think shes a lot older,the vet said he cant pin point a age but shes definatly older than 9.Any advice would be of use,thank you
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Most likely your cat has hyperthyroidism, which is most common in cats over the age of 10. The thyroid is a gland located near your cat's windpipe; with hyperthyroidism, the thyroid becomes over-active and produces too much of the thyroid hormone (this hormone regulates metabolism and organ function). Untreated, hyperthyroidism can lead to heart or kidney failure, and can be fatal. However, there are three methods of treatment (antithyroid drugs, surgical removal of the thyroid, and radioactive iodine treatment that disables the gland); typically, vets go with the antithyroid drugs, which are relatively inexpensive (although your cat will be on them for the rest of his or her life) and work pretty well -- I believe the other 2 treatments are for more serious cases, or are if the drugs don't work.

My parents' cat has hyperthyroidism (which is why I know so much about it!), and they first noticed it when she started gaining a LOT of weight all at once. She's a very small cat, so it was noticeable. She's on the antithyroid medication and it's worked wonders for her; in fact, every cat I've known that had this problem responded well to medication. It's serious because, if left undiagnosed and untreated, it can be fatal, but my parents' vet told them that, of the diseases cats get as they age, it's one of the easier ones to treat. I wouldn't worry about it too much, so long as you follow your vet's instructions and monitor your cat's condition.

Good luck!
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Thank you,the only worry with the medication is shes very difficult to administer tablets,she wont let you give them to her even with a pill popper!Crushed up in food she knows too do they have it in liquid form to you think??
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There are compounding pharmacies that can make the medication in to flavored liquids, flavored treats, or transdermal cream that is rubbed on the ears.
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You might want to check out "ilovejoelyo's" thread on hyperthryroidism in this forum; it's a bit longer and provides more information that I can.

My parents' cat gets her pill crushed up and sprinkled over her food. Other cats get it in liquid form. Beyond that, I really don't know.

I suggest going to Google and doing a search for "cats+hyperthyroidism." There are a lot of great links out there that will give you all the information you need (and then some!).
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Please don't let this go untreated... my kitty is 14 yrs. old, we had no idea she had hyerthyroidisim until she started have bad seizures.
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My cat had the same problem. We just crushed her pill 2 times a day in wet food. We had no problems with her eating it at all. In fact she lived to be 23 yrs old. Sadly in March we had to put her down, due to other reasons We missed her alot. We got another kitten he shows us so much love and joy
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Not sure we compounding pharmacies in the UK. FAB do a really good website on this.
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Originally Posted by booktigger
Not sure we compounding pharmacies in the UK. FAB do a really good website on this.
According to this article, they are called "Specials Units" in the UK. http://experts.about.com/q/Pharmacy-...ompounding.htm
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That is interesting - never heard of them either!!
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I got her treatment today its called Felimazole they have also given me something called tab pocket,what you do is put the tablet in and its a treat and they eat it,so far so good she ate it with the pill inside.She has 3 weeks supply then back again for another blood test to see what they want to do,fingers crossed that it will work
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