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The best part of waking up...

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Spikey has been my little wake up helper for the past couple of weeks. I work at night and sleep during the day, and I get up around 3:30 to 4PM depending on whether or not I need to make any stops before work or whatnot.

The boys always like to be in whatever room we're in, so they sleep either on the bed with me or on the floor nearby. When I wake up, I call Spike's name and he jumps on the bed and lays down and purrs and snuggles with me for fifteen to twenty minutes until I'm actually ready to get up. (I sleep deeply and it takes awhile for me to get really "woken up".)

It's so sweet!

The boys also like to lay on the floor in the bathroom while I'm in the shower, hehe. They don't like it when I drip on them while I'm stepping out, though!
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I totally agree! My cats are my loves. We don't have much time...>>we all hop right up and they race to the food dish.
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After I get out of the shower, I go into the kitchen and feed them and give them treats.

The boys have really been so loving and sweet to me lately, I think they know I'm under a lot of stress right now and need the help.
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welll...i havent offically gone to bed yet, lol been doign baby watch. but. I do have a pretty sweety named Bellie perched between my feet, and she will follow me to bed. and than she will sleep until i get up. I love fur babies they are wonderfull.
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Phenom alsway comes running onto the bed when the alarm goes off in the morning! She knows she gets a few minutes of cuddles and loving before I hop into the shower!! That my favorite time of the day!!
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This morning my BIL called for my hubby @ 5:30am... hubby was gone & I had to get up & go to the kitchen to answer the phone. I usually don't get up till 7am, so I went back to bed. LuckyGirl was all excited and pounced on top of me like: "oh NO you don't! I saw you! You were up! Woo-Hoo! It's time to eat Meowmy! I's starving!!!" So I had to get up & feed her in order to sleep.
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