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Bought a new grooming brush today

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I bought a new grooming brush for my cats today. I already had a good slicka but it was small version and didn't cover much area with each stroke.

When I told the woman I wanted a larger brush so that it covered more area with each stroke, she suggested one for large dogs.

OMG! My cats absolutely love this brush!!!!

The smaller one isn't curved and my older cat didn't like it all that much, but she sat still and let me brush her for 10 minutes with this new, larger, curved one. And I couldn't believe the amount of hair it picked up. It seems that because it's curved that the bent wires grab more hair as it's pulled along.
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i also have one of these i think there great
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Chynna came by for more brushing tonight Usually when I hold her she just wants to cuddle, but I took the chance and brushed her at the same time and the little doll was in utopia! I cleaned the brush off 3 times, and each time it was full. I was watching how it was working and it seems that the bristles bend towards the handle and when you brush, those first rows go deep into the undercoat and as you brush, the natural motion of the stroke seemed to follow the brush curve, so that the bristles in the middle and at the back picked up any loose hair that is left behind. I've become used to being covered with loose cat hair after brushing them with the smaller slicker brush, but I'm happy to report that I have very few loose hairs on me after this session of brushing. And I gathered enough hair to probably knit my kitties some fur booties, LOL

I bought the brush because I wanted to cover more area when I brushed, and it turns out that a larger brush really seems to do a better job with catching the hair.

I'm thrilled!

I saw one of those Zoom Groom type things and considered getting one, but realized that it was a lot like the scalp/hair washing/massaging thing that I bought for myself. Maybe I'll try that on my cats and see what they think
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I bought a slicker for my dog and ended up using it mostly on my Sapphire, she's like your Chynna, I'll brush her and can clean the brush off 3 times-its like I've created another kitten She loves it! Chirps and trills up a storm
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