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Sensitive Near Tail - :O(

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My cat Pepper who is about 6 years old in October has started showing signs of an extreme sensitivity to being touched near the lower part of her back close to her tail. Since I had her as a kitten she has always acted odd when people touch her there and usually gets arched and turns her head off to the side all odd, like she is ready to pounce.

However lately she has started nipping at me and squeeling whenever she is even slightly touched there. She lies on her lack a lot lately too, like an otter in the water. Just tonight she was laying there sleeping and I very, very gingerly brushed me fingers across her back, just enough to touch the fur, and her entire back went into spasms.

Now, Pepper is a big kitty. She is a black Bombay and weighs in at about 15-17 pounds. Is this her weight getting the best of her or is there a more serious condition kicking in?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Please take her to the vet immediately - there is no way anyone here can diagnose Pepper and we certainly can't treat her - which it sounds like she needs.

Good luck, and please tell us how it goes.
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I'd have the vet check her out. Sounds like it could be a cyst or something like that under the skin. Also IMO she's pretty overweight for a Bombay - they should weigh about the same as a burmese - 7-9 lbs max. They are not built big but on the smaller side.
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You may also want to look at the article on Feline Hyperesthesia: http://www.thecatsite.com/Health/86/...resthesia.html
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Is it actual spasms or just flinching the skin? If I touch any of my cats fur lightly (particlarly when they are dozing) their skin starts twitchy trying to get rid of the irritating bug they think is doing it.
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Thanks for all of the replies.

It appears that Feline Hyperesthesia is the issue. Mrs. Pepper has an appointment tomorrow morning with a local, and well-trusted vet. She shows all of the symptons described for Feline Hyperesthesia.

I will update the site and let you all the findings from tomorrow.

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