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Inappropriate urination

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Hello Friends everywhere...

I need your help!

I have two cats. The oldest was adopted by my daughter when she was in graduate school in Nashville and who came to live with us permanently about 8 years ago. She is 12 - an old lady who likes to sleep a lot.Her name is GB. Our 2nd cat is a Cornish Rex who loves everyone and who has taken on the responsibility of full time care giver to my husband who had a second stroke about 2 weeks ago. Her name is Dutchess.

Dutchess has had this problem a long time. She urinates 6 times out of ten right next to the litter box. Over all these years, we have taken her to the Vet repeatedly and there is no problem medically. We have changed the litter more than a few times and the problem presists. We moved to our current home about 3 years ago and at one time, had two litter boxes - one in each bathroom. She had the problem still. Later, we went down to one litter box in our bathroom. We clean it out three or four times a day and wash thoroughly and put new fresh litter in once a week.

The Vet at one time prescribed a tranqualizer - but it was so tramatic giving it to her, that we stopped. We discovered disposable chucks that we put on the floor, under the box and when she pees, ALWAYS on the pad, we simply throw it away and replace with a fresh pad.

Someone suggested that we don't change the pad as often because she was marking it...so we change the pad two (or three) times a day - not everytime she wets it.

She has a wonderful disposition - she loves everyone - she is curious about EVERYthing and we don't want to make her (or us) crazy of this problem. The Vet just doesn't have an answer for us.

CAN ANYONE HELP US!! If you can help - please send any and all suggestions to us here or at our e-mail address. cats2@erols.com

Many many thanks from Dutchess'parents!!
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Selma - there are many questions ont his very subject here. It seems to being a lot of people to TCS.

I would first like to tell you how sorry I am about your husband's second stroke. You are going thru a lot right now! I pray that he recovers.

About Dutchess.......I have no great suggestions for you except that maybe moving the box just over the spot that she urinates could help?

In the search section at the top of the furums, you can write in innapropriate urination, and see what that gets you. It should bring you to many threads here on that topic. I hope that you will find some answers.
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Thank you so much for your reply. We are praying for my Husband to regain a little of himself back. We have just installed a ramp in our garage and now we can get out. Yesterday we went to Lowe's to get some plants for our garden and he was able to go with us AND sit outside and watch us work in the garden. It was really beautiful here yesterday - a real departure from recent days of temps over 100. Too bad, the hot weather is supposed to return the beginning of the week.

No matter what our Dutchess does, and no matter if we will ever be able to solve this problem - she has been and continues each day to be a real joy for us. We thank our lucky stars every day that we went to that cat show long ago and that she "called us over" and said "You MUST take me home with you!" She has brightened every single day for us since.

our friend in Virginia............

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I meant - YOUR friend in Virginia
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Often times cats will pee just outside the box because the box is too small for them or because they have developed a little arthritus and can't squat low enough to aim inside the box. The best solution is to buy a very large litter box. Also, a big rubbermaid storage container will work wonders. I have also heard of putting the litter box in a small children's plastic swimming pool and lining the pool with newspaper or more litter.

My thoughts are with you and your husband.
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Thanks so much for your reply and your kind wishes for my husband. We are praying for recovery - even a little bit will help him AND me!

The litter box we currently have is the very biggest one I could find - and we took off the collar part to make it easier to use.
Our 18 pounder, GB, manages to do fine - even if it DOES take the whole box. But Dutchess pees 4 times out of 10 on the chucks that the box sits on (just to keep the floor dry - the chuck absorbes it!)I don't see any evidence of arthritus. Dutchess is about 8 pounds and reminds some folks of the Taco Bell dog (but we think she's much cuter than that!

I appreciate your help.

in Virginia
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Selma - keep us posted on hubby and Dutchess too!
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Thanks, Deb. I will keep you posted on the two most important folks in my life.....

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