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Cat acting a little strange, sick?

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My 4 yr. old female cat has been having a couple odd behaviors lately but otherwise she seems fine (eating, drinking, using the litterbox, friendly, playful, etc). Also, the two things don't seem connected but they are both a little strange.

She seems to shiver a lot, even when it's not cold in the room (she'll be sitting on my lap, and her paws and upper body will start to tremble). She's usually purring at the same time (at first I thought this was just extreme purring, but I'm 99% sure it's not). I'll be wearing a t-shirt and it's usually between 72-75 degrees in the room, so I can't imagine that she's cold, and otherwise she's not generally a fearful cat. I thought she might have a fever, but she doesn't seem to (I can usually tell when I hold a cat if they feel too warm).

Also, I've noticed she will swallow a lot while sitting on my lap. If I watch her she may swallow once every 5-10 seconds for a few minutes. Usually it'll stop as she starts to get sleepy or fall asleep.

They seem like little things, and not easily reproducible if I were to take her to a vet - the only thing I've been able to find online was some mention of minor neuroleptic diseases, that would cause strange tics and shivering. Anyone experienced anything similar with their feline friends? We've only had her about a year and when we got her she was thoroughly tested for the usual suspects and immunized. She's also an indoor cat.
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Could it be the start of URI - possible swallowing can also indicate post nasal drip - my Loki get's that once in a while and it dosen't change any of his normal routine - something to consider.

Might be a good idea to have her checked out!!
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