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Saturday DT

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Well.....today, I have decided to do a major clean-up in the house. (It's my break time right now!) I invited a little friend over to keep the boys busy and am trying to get everything cleaned up so I can have tomorrow off. This is a never ending cycle. Work all week, work all week-end.

We're in the process of staining our deck, getting the pool ready (we're a month behind)and fixing up the flower beds. Guess that kind of takes up part of today......

I've started new migraine medication since yesterday and it seems to be having some minor side effects. All I seem to want to do is lay down and sleep. If that is the only side effect, I can live with it but, I have to get creative and keep busy so I don't sleep!

Kraft Dinner Time! (boy, I just love this stuff....not necessarily for me but, the boys seem to think I am making them the best treat in the world when I suggest having this for lunch!!!!)

Have a great week-end everyone!
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G. I hope you get a lot of benefit from your new medication. It's a beautiful day here and I am going to hang some laundry out on the clothesline and do a few other things around the house. I have some good news about Snowball to share. Last September, some bloodwork that was done prior to having his teeth cleaned indicated a slight elevation in his kidney function, and I was told he had very early kidney disease. The vet recommended K/D cat food and follow up blood work. In January the test results were the same as before, but now I am happy to say that the blood work done on him yesterday was well within the normal limits, and the vet considers him healthy. Snowball's kidney function will be checked again in six months, but I am glad he has had some improvement and I wanted to share the good news. Have a good weekend!
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Snowball's just a baby, isn't she? Another vote for clothes on the line! Lots of us think it's worth the work to get that great smell. Of course, being out in the fresh air is great too.
G. I hope you get some relief for those headaches. I hear they're really bad.
We are finally getting some relief from the 90 degree days. The weather today and yesterday has been in the lowere 80's. It's much better for my breathing. I can go outside and enjoy this beautiful world!
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The usual - 105+, I have to work, etc. Don't go in, until 5:00. That's, almost like having the day off.

Went to the hospital, to see Mom. She was expecting to go home, today. Her medication isn't quite right yet so, she has to stay another day.

I found a beautiful dress, to wear to my son's wedding. Ross is having a clearance sale and I got a great dress for $39.99! I, already have shoes, to match. Now, if they decide to elope, I'll kill that kid. This is the first new dress that I've bought, in over a year!

Have a good weekend, all.
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Jeanie, Snowball has been with us for quite a few years. He will be eleven years old this September, and I hope we will continue to have him with us for a long time.
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Another hot but hazy day out. I had a really good day as it is my birthday. I'm kind of suprised since I haven't had a good birthday as far back as I can remember, in fact they've all been kind of depressing. Anyhoo, Brian made me breakfest and took me shopping in P-town and Hyannis. Then we went out for dinner and stopped at a pet shop to inquire about getting some more pond plants and a couple more Koi.

Hey G do you think when your pool is ready you could have us all over for a pool party? Don't worry we'll all pitch in and bring something with us to contribute- Say I'll bring the refreshments.
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Whoops! Snowball has my apologies for assuming he was a female. I saw a picture of him as a kitten yesterday or today and didn't know it was an old one,or did I? Now, wait, does Debbie have a Snowball? Ah ha! I think the mystery is solved!
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Hi everyone. I'm sitting at home with nothing to do b/c hubby is at his buddies' house and I'm waiting for a call from my friend so we can go out tonight. (maybe to a club?) I absolutely HATE sitting at home with nothing to do. I've been watching tv a lot for the last 3 days, since I don't have work. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!! We've gotten a break from the hot weather the last few days, so its actually not unbearable to go outside.
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Jessica!! Happy Birthday! I hadn't seen your birthday thread yet..but am heading over thee right away to congratulate you!!

Lorie...good news on Snowball! And Jeanie...I do have a Snowball too...a male as well, and the picture of him you saw was when he was a kitten, last summer.

Cindy...I'm sure you will look beautiful in your new dress!
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A pool party sounds great!!!! Let me know if you need directions on how to get to "Apple Hill".

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