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Update on new rescues

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I finally got the call for me to go pick up the male lynx point friday morning.

I'm glad that she called...I was getting worried but some how these people have another cat they never said anything about!!!!!!!!!!

I asked her to take her to the shelter or a local rescue....and she has all sorts of excuses. If I have to, I'll take that one to and get that one to the rescue....my landlord is going to kill me for having this many cats in this place. I'm only supposed to have one...shhhh don't tell ok LOL.

Ok and I told her I was getting Casper fixed first, she sounded mad. She was like you don't want to make money off of kittens, you can make lots of money off kittens BLAH BLAH BLAH I would rather burn than have that on my concious (SP???)
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Man some people. To me pets are like your children. Would you tell someone, wow your daughter looks like a good breeder, you would make good money off of the babies she has.

Sorry if that sounded rude.
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nope, doesn't sound rude to me at all.

I agree. I don't view kittens as $$$$, but as a life. I could never contribute more kittens into this world purposefully, esp. since they aren't registered.
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agreed! That's the difference between a cat parent and a cat owner. Although I have to admit that I do enjoy the cat shows.
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