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You might want to consider that there are two sides to every story.

Their video actually shows that they do not perform these cruel tests. They don't even keep their cats in cages. They live in a home like environment with cat furniture, toys, window perches, interaction from pet lovers and they have a partnership with the ASPCA who regularly come out to the Iams facility to give guidelines on how to improve conditions for the cats that are only being used for feeding studies and no other experiment.

I don't know if Iams may have supported harmful research in the past but they aren't doing that now and haven't done so for years. The radical animal rights organization who continues to accuse Iams of this cruelty is known for twisting the facts.
Thank you for that information, I'm not a member of the organization of which you speak, but a friend passed along info from them. I appreciate your sharing that link! Makes me feel a lot better about them.