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Need some clarification

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I'm not 100% what's going on with the cat, but she poops what seems to be water. It gets all over her fur and it smells like what I can only describe as diarrhea.
Is my cat alright? Or should I bring her to the vet?
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She needs to see a vet. Diarrhea can be caused from something as simple as worms, or other things a great deal more serious.
It can also cause dehydrationwhich can be very dangerous for a cat.
If you gently pinch the loose skin on the back of the necks cat you can tell if she is dehydrated if it stays up momentarily. If it drops back down quickly then she shouldn't be dehydrated yet.
Others with more knowledge than I will come in and probably offer some suggestions for you to help her, but a vet is definitely needed.

BTW.... Welcome to TCS!
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do a little unflavored pedialyte...found in the baby section at a drug store...replaces electrolytes that are lost when diarrhea occurs. I read it somewhere...
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Thanks for the reply. She doesn't seem deyhdrated as per the neck thing. But I'll take her to the vet regardless.
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I'm glad you're taking her to the vet - that was going to be my suggestion, too.

Please let us know how it goes - and welcome to TCS!
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Hey, I forgot to post an update.
Turns out it was the food that we're giving her just recently started adding Fish Oils to the mix, and the vet said she was having a hard time digesting those oils.
We're trying some other Oil-less foods and she seems to be fine now.
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Awesome that the problem is solved. I wish it were always so easy.

(Just cleaning up my little boy who got runny poo all over him...)
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So fish oils can cause stomach upset? Maybe that's why my cat won't eat them.
I'm glad to hear that your girl's problem was solved so easily.
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear it all worked out so easily.
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Although I don't think it means that the oils are bad for all cats. Our cat happens to be incredibly picky with her food. Most of the new stuff ends up on the carpet.
More specifically though, the food that she had the oil problems with was the Iams Science Diet (Now with Fish Oils)... the green bag.
I'm not saying to stay away from it, just thought I'd throw it out there for records sake.
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