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Need some Caribbean travel advice

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My fiance and I are in the proces sof booking our honeymoon.
We're taking a 7-night Caribbean cruise that departs from San Juan, Peurto Rico and sails around the islands to Aruba, and back to San Juan, with lots of stops on the way.
I can't wait!!!
Now, I haven't flown in about 15 years, and my fiance has never flown. Plus, neither of us has ever been out of the country. For that matter, we've never even taken a big vacation in our adult lives!

Does anyone have any advice for us? We're really excited, but more than a little nervous.
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I haven't any advice as I am a scared little puppy when it comes to traveling too. Every single time I get in a plane, I freak out. I dont know why...It just doesnt seem like a good thing to be that high in the air.
And new places...Yikes.
But I do have good news...It always turns out great, and I end up comming home just fine. No scratches and I'm not dead. yay!
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Don't pack too many clothes-remember you can always buy stuff!!
The rooms on cruise ships come with shampoo/toothpaste and I think a hairdryer?? If you like rum the islands are a good place to buy some as its less expensive. Can't drink it on the ship. Booze on cruise ships is not cheap!!
Bring lots of sun tan lotion, hats and a few swimsuits. I read alot so I always bring books-the ship has some but not very good ones. Decide how many off the ship excursions you want to do. Some cruiselines let you book them online before you get on the ship otherwise do them fairly soon after you get to your room as some fill up quickly. I had my backpack to carry stuff when we went on these excursions. Are you still going this yr as I remember that us citizens will soon require a passport even when going to canada or mexico.
I personally don't use travelors checks we bring some cash and then use the debit/credit card. Also when we went on our cruise the ships have vendors selling gold chains/bracelets rather inexpensively. This is a good opportunity to take advantage of this!!
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Most of the cruise is spent eating! So be sure to pack antacids, immodium, pepto bismal, and things like that. There's nothing worse than being stuck inside with a bout of dysentery on your vacation! If your really nervous about flying, you can get dramamine or an anxiety med from your dr. Oh, and chapstick with sunscreen!!! When I was in the Bahamas, I used sunscreen everywhere, but not my lips. I got sun poison on my lips and they blistered badly. Then my sister & I were horsing around and she accidentally popped them & it spread up my nose! Talk about painful! And I didn't go to school for 2 weeks!
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Be prepared to wait in a long line at the customs inspection when you get ready to board your cruise ship. The lines are usually long, but if you're prepared ahead of time it won't be too bad- just bring some good magazines and snacks. Buy all of your sunscreen, bugspray, chapstick with spf in it, toothpaste,lotion, etc in the states before you head out- if you buy them on the islands they're super expensive. Also, buy your cameras in the states too. When you first get on the ship, you should have a few hours in your room to put your things away and then you will have a Mustard Drill where everyone goes to the front of the ship with their life vests on for an emergency drill- be prepared, it usually takes a while and you can't use elevators, you have to use the stairs on the ships. If you want to buy perfume or anything like that- buy it on the cruise ship- it's dirt cheap and there's usually no tax!!! It's an awesome deal. Oh and try to avoid the free ice cream machines- lol i made the mistake of visiting those frequently when i went on a cruise a few yrs ago. There's usually unlimited food and drinks- just make sure u don't drink any water or anything with ice in it on the islands- only on the cruise ships because you might get ill from their water. There should be a captains dinner on your ship one night- they're awesome! Everyone gets dressed up, so bring a dress or something nice to wear. There are 5 course meals every night in the dinning hall usually and they're really yummy. Don't forget to stock up on all your medications and some draminie just in case you need it. Also, take a razor that is easy to use with you- it's reallly hard to shave on a cruise ship because the water makes the ship rock back and forth- the Shick Intuition is really good. You don't have to mess with shaving cream and it's easier to manage in a moving ship. Bring a light-weight sweater with you, because even though you're going on a cruise, it gets cold on the water at night. On the cruise i went on, alcoholic beverages were free at the open bars...but double check on the room service, i can't remember if that's free or not. Also, when you get to the islands- T-shirts are usually cheap. Also, many of those islands don't have set prices on their merchandise- so haggle them on the prices and talk them down. Also, when i went on my cruise i got harrassed quite often by men working the street vendors- be safe and be aware of your surrondings- keep your husband with you at all times and remember the way back to the ship! Bring a small flashlight just in case, and make sure you buy your swimsuite in the US- they're super expensive on the islands. Make sure you're able to go on the excursions you want to- some of them, like the scuba diving ones, you have to be scuba certified. Also, don't forget travelors checks or your Visa- you will need them! Good luck and have fun!
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Okay, never been on a cruise but I went to cancun in 04 and jamaica (ocho rios, which is a cruise ship port). Be aware that the vendors are going to be after you. If you aren't interested a firm no and keep walking. In Jamaica they were very pushy. If you are going to have them braid your hair be very clear on the price, they may mean per braid.
The other thing I could add is that bringing bug spray may be helpful.
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I think is travel star or something like that. dont use the gnome one!!! it is evil!!!!!!
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