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You're not supposed to remove your pet from the carrier. I guess it depends on the flight attendents.

On our last trip with the boys, the flight was totally full. Chris and I each had a cat under the seat in front of us. Halfway into the flight, one of the flight attendents came up and asked us if we had cats. We said yes and she walked away. I watched her walk off and about 6-8 rows back she stopped to talk to a couple. I assume she was informing them we had cats. But there was nothing she could do...the flight was totally full.

My boys have never gone potty in their carriers on flights, even when I had to change planes through Atlanta. They have always been able to hold it if need be.
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But do have to remove the cat at security to go through x-ray? That would be really scary -- you have to stuff the cat back in the carrier with all that chaos going on. I wonder if they would let you go into a private room to remove the cat.
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Yes you have to remove the cat to go through security. I don't know about a private room, because I never asked. My boys are quite chill about it all, they just look around while we're holding them. I think Seamus finds the airport fascinating. He's always seemed to like traveling though

I've often found that the more matter-of-fact I am regarding a situation, the more relaxed my cats are. If I don't worry, they don't worry.
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Well, I just finished my first flying experience with Vodka. Yes, you do take your cat out of the carrier at the security check. I didn't have any problem with anyone bringing Vodka on board. On the second leg of the flight, a lady had a small dog a few rows ahead of me that yapped about 3 times and that was it. Vodka threw up the first leg of the flight (I fed her that morning, considering our flight wasnt until almost 5pm), but I was able to clean it easily with the wet wipes I brought when we landed. She slept the entire 3.5 hour second part of the flight. Except for the throwing up, she did great. I hardly heard a peep out of her.
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So Vodka didn't pee or poop in the carrier? How long total was he in the carrier?

Did he squirm and freak out when you held him through security? Was it easy getting him back in the carrier?

How did he do when you arrived at your destination?
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No, she didnt go in the carrier. She was in the carrier a total of probably about 6-7 hours. She didn't freak when I took her out of the carrier...in fact, she was a little hesitant to come out and I had to pull her out, but she just cuddled with me until I put her back in. And once we got to my moms house, I put her in her litter box and she went to the bathroom, then she fell asleep and slept the whole night with me. Shes been doing just fine adjusting to her new (temporary) home.
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That's great that she did so well. I'm going to get a harness for Anya after hearing that you have to take them out of the carrier at security. She's usually very calm and well behaved when we take her out, but when she gets nervous or upset she tends to freak out and there's NO holding on to her. I would hate to have to chase her around the airport.

I guess my question earlier about water on board is null and void now after the recent security changes. I flew yesterday however, and it shouldn't be a problem to get a small bottled water from a flight attendant should anyone's kitty get thirsty. They seemed very willing to offer beverage when needed (outside of normal beverage service).
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I had a harness on Vodka, just in case, but I didnt even need to put the leash on her. She was such a good kitten. I don't know if I would give her any food or water...she might throw up. How long is your trip? Mine was about 6-7 hours total and she was fine without any food or drink.
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2 hours to airport and for security/boarding, 4 hour flight, 30min-1 hour for baggage claim, and 2 hour drive to my mom's....so about 9 hours total...
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She'll be okay. She may not want anything even if you offer. When we drove cross-country, Seamus would use the litter box in the car, but he wouldn't touch food or water until we settled into the hotel at night.

And when we fly, he doesn't eat anything either, even his favorite treats.
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I used to use a hard carrier for the vet trips and the soft carrier for emergencies (we had a fire alarm) but will use only the soft carrier in future. It's practical, easy to carry the cat in, and can be used on a plane if necessary. I would only want the cat in hand baggage, never in the hold.
If you want to 'lock your cat in' a hard carrier is more advisable since it has a spring-lock system that a cat cannot open. Zippered soft carriers are slightly more difficult to close, but the cat (unless it is unnaturally prehensile) won't get that open either.
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