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cat hotel? what to do with my two cats

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I am going on a five day vacation and think i am going to put my 2 cats in a hotel. Well HAve any of you had experience with this ? My two cats get along better now then they use to (both only been living with me for 6 months or so) but one still totally dominates the other. If they are going to eat one cat has to wait before the other is satisfied before he can touch the food. LOts of food available for everyone to eat so no one goes hungry! THe dominant cat would wack the subordinate cat silly just for even looking at her before but now ive caught her showing him affection sometimes like rubbing up agaisnt him or letting him sleep beside her on my bed (he was not permitted to be on my bed before LOL) She will still correct him when she thinks he does something wrong but corrections are mostly just verbal now I was just wondering would it be safe to put them into a double spaced hotel room together? OR would that be dangerous and should only put them in seperate rooms?

PS i would like to add that the cat who is subordinate is actually TWICE The dominant cats size and weight!
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I think only you can decide if it safe for them to be a space together. Perhaps the people at the "kitty hotel" can observe them and, if necessary, separate them.

We have a kitty hotel by us that is run by a woman who absolutely loves cats. If I ever have a time when my parents can't take my kitty, I will consider using it. I would feel better knowing my cat will get daily attention at the kitty hotel then being home alone by himself. Also my house would be a whole lot safer. The "rooms" at this hotel are somewhat closet sized but have a bunch of perches.
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Are you sure you don't have any friends who could stop by your house at least once a day? Stock the fridge for them and lay in a new pile of DVD's- that's how I bribe 'em!
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we have a "happy cats hotel" near by and if i ever need to leave town, that's where Stoli is going
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we have pet sitters around here that come itno the house once or twice a day depending on what you want. I would opt for them staying at home and having a friend or hiring someone to come in daily.It will be traumatic enough without you, and being in a strange place is even harder. I would think the isize of the space would determine if they are going to be together. Also, wether or not they will be able to see each other if they are in separate cages. I would think they might be comforted by each others presence, but keeeping them home or taking them along is the best for them.
do you feed them in separate bowls?
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Nope they both eat out of seperate bowls. I have a friend thats actually willing to take them both. She lives in an small apt and has no pets, and both cats know her very well since shes always here & she offered so I just took her up on it
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that sounds great, but would she or can she come into your home once a day, feed and hang out a little? It would be much easier on your cats. If it is not possible, well the you do what you can, but if it isn't too far, or inconvenient, it really is the best option. Make sure you bring her back a nice souvenir! It is great to have a friend help you in situations like these.
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