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New Kitten is eating simba's food and has diarrehea..help!

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Hi you may have seen my threads about us finding a kitten and now we are keeping him (as far as we know) because nobody has claimed him.The kitten is 4 months old, and our bengal simba is 11 months, and he eats adult Hills science plan food.But the kitten has been eating this aswell as the Go cat kitten dry that we got a box of.
Now today the kitten has diarrehea..and hasnt eaten much at all.We took him for a check up at the vets yesterday and he said it was healthy apart from having fleas which we treating according to vets advice.(a safe spot on).

So my question is, has the kitten got diarrehea because he is mixing foods/because the adult is too rich for him, or because of the change?
Will the diarrehea pass once he is used to the food? But how do i stop it eating simbas food also as he has it out constantly because he just grazes.

thanks Nikki
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Our kitten now named 'Tiger' still has diarrehea like faeces......i am feeding them both on Hills science plan Kitten now but the Tiger still has the smelliest runny poops, i cant tell if its actuall diarrehea as he does it in the litter tray and it gets clumped with the litter but it does seem quite sloppy.eww sorry ,

Just wondered if anyone had any advice as i dont think i could starve him because simba has his food left out all day.
Tiger seems to be drinking plenty water.
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I think your best bet would be to not leave food out all the time and feed them both what they need at scheduled feeding times - Simba will get used to it. Then you can feed the kitten a good quality kitten food and Simba his adult food. I think it's unlikely the adult food is giving your kitten an upset stomach - although changing foods can cause an upset stomach or he may be sensitive to either of the foods you're feeding - as I've been told by both the rescue I got Jaffa from and the breeder I got Mosi from that kitten food was too rich for them and upset their stomachs, so they were eating adult. I got both onto kitten food eventually and Mosi is now fine on James Wellbeloved dry kitten and natures menu wet kitten. I'm not personally a fan of Hills or Go Cat. I did try Jaffa on Hills once and it gave him very smelly poos! I feed mine separately and stand over them while they eat to make sure they both eat what they are meant to eat and not each others.
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I found when Zoe was a kitten and even now as an adult, she just can't stomach Go Cat dry food. It literally 'goes through' her in an hour. Bella and Max on the other hand can eat it until the cows come home with no problems, but it just doesn't agree with poor Zoe at all (and she REALLY loves it!).

The only dry food she can eat is Hills Prescription Diet, so for the girls that all that I give them.

I guess cats can be just like people - some things just dont agree with the stomach!
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This may or may not be an option for you, but this is what I did the first two days I had Milo home with me (my new kitten, 15 weeks old). I have their bowls fixed somewhat close together, sorta of catty corner to eachother on either side of my bedroom door. I would put food down for them both at the same time, and let them eat. When my 1 year old Marlee was done with what she wanted for the time being (she is also pretty much a free-feeder/grazer) I used a saucer to cover her bowl. It discouraged Milo from trying to eat her food, and when she was hungry she would go sit by her bowl and I would uncover it. After 2 days of this, I was able to leave the saucer off, and now Milo pretty much ignores her food. I know this may not be doable, depending on how much you are home watching the kittens, but its an idea!
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