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Help! lampshade cat!

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Tilly got given a lampshade thing because she was pulling at her stitches and she's terrified. Archie doesn't help as he's attacking her tail and she's trying to run away from him but her lampshade drags on the floor and she can't get away from him easily. We've separated them, but they're desperate to be on the other sides of the door and they're both scratching at the door to get through. She's miaowing and seems frantic. I want to find a way to calm her down.
Is there any alternative to the lampshades? A bitter ointment? vinegar? (the last one is a joke. unless it works.)
Is there anything that wont hurt her if it gets into her spay wound?
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If you haven't already tried then i'd suggest a sock around her middle perhaps (we cut the top part off one of my husbands and it was just the right fit).

This is what we did with Libby when she was spayed, as I knew how much she'd hate to have an e-collar on. It worked really well, she didn't try to take it off at all and she couldn't get to her stitches even when she and the sock were all bunched up. In fact we even found her cleaning the sock sometimes!

We just checked regularly to make sure it was in place properly and wasn't irritating the wound/that it was healing OK.
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Of course! Thats a brilliant idea! I shower you in thanks!
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I hope it works! I know some people have tried it and their cats hated it and did everything to remove it... but Libby didn't even notice we put it on her I don't think!

Also, the thanks should go to stephanietx, as she's the one who gave me this advice when I posted a few weeks ago asking about how to stop my kitten getting at her spay stitches
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That is a great idea. Hope it works out. I had to use an e-collar on my dog and he hated it. He would stand in the same place for an hour. My other dog would chew on it while he had it on. Miserable. I imagine it would be worse on a kitty.

Good luck!
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I recently came across this in petco:

It's an alternative to the e collar that keeps the kitty away from the wound, but doesnt mess with the sense of area around the head and doesnt bang into things... I've never used it myself, but will eventually invest in one to have around just in case (I have Ollie's e collar, but it's bulky to keep in the first aid kit... the collar in the link deflates to flat)
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Wow, that's a really good idea! I tried the sock but she completely refused to let me put it on her. Since her spay wound is healing nicely now and she's mostly stopped pulling at the stitches I'm leaving off the e-collar and she doing fine.
Thanks for all the help!
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That ProCollar looks really good, much better than an e-collar.

I'm sorry the sock didn't work cata. I'm glad Tilly's wound is healing nicely though and that she doesn't have to wear the e-collar anymore
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