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Should I get Ripley a playmate???

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Btw, we are thinking of changing his name to Irving or Irwin. It seems to fit him better for some reason. He is driving us nuts really early in the morning. I think he just gets lonely and wants someone to play with. My dh says if we get another one, they will BOTH be jumping all over the place. Any thoughts??? THX!
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How old is Ripley? If he is younger then he will probably have little or no problems adjusting to a playmate. If he is older he would probably still like company but be prepared for a lengthier introduction process.

I just got a 4 months old kitten as a playmate for my 2 year old and he is loving it! It was a good decision and I do not regret it! Especially when I woke up this morning to them sleeping next to each other on the bed
It was so cute!!

I say go for it! Especially if you think he seems lonely.
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He came from a rescue that was busy and had lots of cats to play with. There was always something going on, kwim. Then he comes to my house. Now, my boys do play with him quite a bit, but sometimes, I see Rip wandering around and I think he looks bored. I KNOW he is bored at 5 a.m. when he comes bounding into my bedroom looking for a playmate. And I try to give him a big play session right before I go to bed and it doesn't seem to help much.

So, do you have 2 litter boxes or just one??? How long did it take to introduce the two. I was thinking an older kitten but younger than Ripley, probably another male. I will get him from the same rescue as I LOVE their place.
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I have 2 litter boxes...they seem to have decided to use one to poop in and one to pee in..LOL

I was lucky in my intros because Sebastian was fine from the 1st night. I kind of let him set the pace for the introductions. I did not want to lock the kitten in another room unless it was necessary. So when he expressed interest in Theo right away I let them meet and the rest is history!

But as always every cat is different. But if he was used to being with other cats and you have not had him for long then he will welcome the company I am sure.

Good Luck!
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Mikey is 2 years old. He is very very attatched to me. like a little mini me that sleeps at the foot of my bed. I turned down taking in other cats and kittens cause mikey is very demanding and since he is a long hair the fur all over the place from one cat is way enough. but over the last month I see it might not be such a bad idea to get him a buddie. We did have another male kitten he spent his first year with until we moved, so he is used to the company of another cat.

Charlie is my foster kitten and although charlie is only 3 weeks old mikey does show signs of interest and has been showing me his playful side. the kitten is starting to romp around a bit and mikey is right beside him encouraging it. Im thinking I might keep this Charlie kitty around....it might be good for Mikey.

I would get a second litter box. I have one in the spare bedroom where we keep charlie and on in the bathroom. mikey seems to like to use both but we've only introduced charlie to one.

I say go for getting a second cat. hes young enough, having a buddie to play with is healthy, it will keep your cat in shape and also keep him outta your hair!
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