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Sad day

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8:30 this morning (Aug 1/06) my aunt couldn't find her kitten that she rescue and kept her. They named her Missy, got her spayed and all her shots. She went look everywhere for her. My aunt went on in the backyard then she happen to look on the road. There was Missy laying. Poor little girl got hit by a car. They are really upset about it. Both of them bury her in the backyard. Janet said there is soo much traffic come zooming by even on the side street. Missy is small and was only kitten. My aunt said she is going by to where she found the kitten, she heard there are still some left hanging around. They might already be wild. How long does it take a kitten to go wild?
Please reply, thanks very much!
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Rest in peace Missy.

If there are strays and ferals near your aunt, the best thing she could go for them is arrange for them to be trapped - someone here can probably give you details of an organisation near her that can do it.

It doesn't take them very long to go feral - they are born and raised that way. Strays are different - they are house cats that got outside (or were delibrately abandoned).

In any case, if your aunt chooses to adopt again, she should probably consider adopting a cat that would be happy to be inside only and keeping it in - it sounds very risky where she is
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Below is a list of TNR groups in Canada:


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Poor darling. So sorry for your loss: thank your relatives for taking her for her shots and for care.

Little kitty will rest in peace.
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