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New baby Milo!

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Here is the thread about Milo....

And here he is with me at the shelter

And a closer up of his face...

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Could he be any cuter???
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Help me I am MMMMMMEEEEEEllllltttttiiinnnggg! He is just to sweeet!!!!
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That is a beautiful kitty !!! How lucky he is.
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He IS totally adorable!
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Oh my gosh Ashley, he is SUPER cute!!!
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Thanks everyone, I am very very excited!! He's just a doll, and loves to play and love!!
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He is super cute! He has mousy lips.
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oooooooh myyyyyy gooooooodness!!!!!!! how totally cute is he???? I have this urge to squeal eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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He is ADORABLE! Oh wow...You are so lucky to get his little fluffly butt!
Good luck!
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oH my GOSH!!!! He is soooooo freakin cute! I LOVE orange kitties and he is soo perfect! I just got it.....Milo like from Milo and Otis...he looks just like Milo!!!! *turns around and begs Trav for a new kitty*
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Isn't he just the cutest! I can't wait for him and Marlee to meet, so I can take bunches of pictures! And I didn't name him that, but it fits him perfectly and sounds great with Marlee, so I see no reason to change it. If you lived anywhere near me, the shelter where I got Milo has so many precious kittens I wanted to bring home....
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Oh my!! How cute is he!!
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