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im just wondering in what way do each of you use catnip and what are the results you get with it? how often do you give it to your cat? do you get different results when your cat eats it rather than smells it (if anyone has a cat that eats it). thanks.

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My cats love catnip. I actually went to the pet store today and picked up 4 bags to add to the 2 that I have in the fridge.

Chynna my oldest sniffs it and rolls around in it but doesn't eat it.

Abby on the other hand rubs her face in it and eats a bit of it and gets all lovey dovey and likes for me to pet her the full length of her body and even rolls on her back to have her underside rubbed. She loves to be brushed during catnip time too and rolls around on the floor like she's in total heaven, LOL
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great, ill pick some up today and see what happens )

i read you get better results from them actually eating it, but that few do.
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My cats will eat some of the fresh nip growing out here. The stuff I buy online though they will play and roll in. I sprinkle some in the cardboard scratcher their turbo ball toy and their other scratcher. I also sometimes kind of steep a few mice in the bag of nip for a few days before giving them out for play. There are many different kinds of nip and some they make react to while others doesn't even prompt a twitch.
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Yeah, Oscar loves 'em, he would roll on them and eat them, though I wasn't aware of the different kinds of nip.
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Originally Posted by shadowsoul
I wasn't aware of the different kinds of nip.
There are tons of different kinds and not all catnip is equal.

My cats are picky about their catnip. I had a cat at one time that loved "Hartz" catnip, but my current 2 don't like it at all; it's very finely ground almost into a powder.

I tried buying some catnip kits that have the sand or gravel and seeds and all you have to do is water it. But I don't really have a place to keep it where my cats can't get to it so that didn't work very well.

I finally found a catnip called "Premium Catnip" at Pet Valu, and my cats just love it. It looks like the leaves were dried and crumbled instead of ground down.

So you might have to try a few brands before you find one that your kitty likes.

I would still love
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