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i've got a 9 week old kitty and she seems to be adjusting to things okay. i've been noticing that while she's running around she's looking for things to chew on. i had the box that i take her to the vet with on the floor and she was chewing on the cardboard and i also noticed that a postcard i had taped up on my desk she liked walking up to and chewing on. any suggestions on what might be something to have around for her to chew on?
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Sounds like she is starting to teethe. Actually sometimes Hope will still go up to something sticking off the coffee table and chew on it (a book or something). You can use bitter apple spray on anything you really don't want her chewing on. Other than that...I don't know of anything that will help. We just sort of let them chew on things.
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There are cat toys that are made for teething kittens. They are called teething toys. I got some at my local pet store - they are covered with what looks like small-hole fishnet. Also, I hear that kittens enjoy chewing on plastic drinking straws, as they like the crunching noise, it relieves their gum soreness, and gives you more interactivity with your furbaby.
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If she sticks with cardboard, that's wonderful.
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well I have a question about this and Stoli. Stoli has lost a couple of his baby teeth over the past week or so and he seems to be chewing on his toys a bit more. . . but

when their gums are sore, do they whine alot? Stoli has been constantly whining.
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