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Matting help!!

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Hello my cat has never had a problem with matting before and recently he has developed some matting on his back and its a bit sticky like held together with glue. What should I do? Should I get him shaved?
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Is there anyway you can cut it out ?
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You've gotta get it off, that's for sure. Can you brush at it a little bit at a time, or work a comb between the skin and the mat and cut it off?

Shaving is an option, but a last resort one IMO.
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I have tried brushing it but it's hard I'm actually going to go out and buy a metal comb I heard that would help me. I haven't tried cutting it I'm scared I'll hurt my kitty. Have any of you had this problem especially it being a bit sticky?
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I dont know about the sticky part. Perhaps your kitty got into something. Often when they matt, it usually has dust and debris in there. You could take a comb and put it between the matt and his skin and then cut and then brush out the rest.
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Thank for the advice and I will go home tonight and try all of your suggestions. Thank you agian!!
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You be careful- the reason for inserting a comb between the mats and the skinis so you don't cut the cat. If the cat is uncooperative, find someone to help before you continue. Trim the nails before you start. If it seems too upsetting to the cat you might need to find a groomer to shave the area.
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My cat has the SAME problem. But when i try to cut/brush it out she bites me :P Shes getting older , about 13 and shes NEVER gotten mats before. Oh yeah shes long haired... buuut i think shes starting to not clean herself as well as she used to.

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Well just want to let you all know that I have taken all the matting out with a metal comb I bought at the store and cut most of it off. Thanks for all of the advice and I hope that never happens agian.
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Im very glad, as Im sure your kitty is, too. Just comb him regularly now.
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There is a product called 'Ultra-D'. It is a d-matting spray conditioner that works like magic!
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