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egyptian maus, manx & or ocicats anyone?

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Does anyone here own or have any experience with any of these breeds? What differance did you find between them and your average moggy? Also anyone know if any good breeders in the ontario area?
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You might consider looking up EMRO (Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization)- they have a post in the Cats SOS forum. The site is very interesting, and although based in Egypt, has Mau rescues all over the world. There was one down in Southern California, but if not adopted by 7/18 was going to the shelter
For Manx questions, you might check out the ManxCuties group at Yahoo. Joey, to me, seems more independent yet devoted - he's definitely my "Jefe" among the cats! When I leave the house, I tell them, "Joey's in charge". My grandson calls Joey the "cop-judge" because he finds wrongdoings, discovers the culprit and swiftly metes out a harsh judgement- usu. ear boxing. Joey isn't a lap cat, but is very affectionate & loves to stay close by me. I love the way he trills at things - not much of a meow on him, just a "mew" but the trills and chirps are so cute
For Bengal questions, there are quite a few Bengal owner/breeders here; the only ones I can think of right off hand are Solarity Bengals and Bengal Babe.
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With Suki(manx)... she's a little tempermental. She's not a lap cat, but she is my mom's constant companion. She's a whiner too, and will cry until you pet her. She's never been agressive towards anyone, but she is the top cat of the house, and has no problem putting anyone in there place, the other cat's I mean. She loves being outside, and her favorite thing is to sit outside on the back deck and bask in the sun. She runs funny too. Well, she doesn't really run to much as she kinda... hops. She's a great cat though. She loves to be brushed, and she likes the area where her tail should be scratched until she falls over and realizes what happened, and cries till you start again. In my opinion, she doesn't differ to me than any other regular cat. Her antics are the same, and even occasionally, though very rare, a little bit of kitten comes out of her, and she'll "kill" a toy mouse just out of nowhere. Scares the poop out of everyone when she does it, because she tears butt through the house, "kills" it, and then tears right back through the way she came.
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If I had a choice in that group I would pick the Egyptian Mau.
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Out of the 3 choices, the hardest to deal with (medically) would be the manx (if its completely tailless). Manx come in 3 ways - completely tailed, very short tail, or totally tailless. Those that have no tail can have elimination problems when older as they don't have all the tail muscles like a normal cat.

A friend of mine owned a maine coon/manx cross (tailless) and she also had problems with bowel movement requiring assistance.

The EM and Ocicats are cool and easy maintence (grooming, etc.). Both would make nice pets. The Oci's might be a little more hyper as they have aby in them and are pretty active cats.
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I have a Manx mix DSH - she's a v. laid back cat, independent but NOT overly affectionate. She likes to be around, but also to do her thing. She may want to be top cat, but has been put in place by my old DSH top male cat, Diablo.

I also have a foster kitty with Oriental blood - we aren't sure which breed - eith abby/Siamese. In general, she's VERY active, highly friendly (wants to know what YOU are doing all the time) and not one that is a lap cat, though she likes to be picked up and carried sometimes, and will ALWAYS sleep with me, LOL.

Of the two, the Manx is a more mellow and easy maintenence cat, the Abby/Siamese DSH mix is much more difficult because she hates being alone and always wants you to play with her - NOW, LOL!

So do you want a busy cat, or a more mellow cat?
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Ocicats are easy to groom, but very needy and mush have company if you are away at work regularly. they also can act out when they want attention and develop behaviour problems as a result. they are very high maintenance in my opinion. but lovely companions and great fun if in the correct envirenment.
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would you place them on the same level as a siamese?

I visited a few bengal catteries they seem to be EXTREMLY high maintenance much more then a siamese even
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Originally Posted by chausiefan
would you place them on the same level as a siamese?

I visited a few bengal catteries they seem to be EXTREMLY high maintenance much more then a siamese even

i think they much more friendly with humans and other animals compared to siamese. they also are less aggressive. but when it comes to attention, when they want it and dont get it. they start nagging you almost. doing something they know you don't like them to do. i.e. hopping on counter tops and knocking things off one by one... jumping in front of the television or up on the mantel and knocking things off, climbing the plants or eating them, pulling the wallpaper down, attacking the other cat, eating wires... they can be right little shits to be honest!! lol but i still wouldn't trade her for the world. when i was crying about my mother the other day she came up to me and licked my tears and snuggled up under my chin whilst i cried. today i played fetch with her for almost an hour, she's worse than a golden retreiver!!! Ocicats are by far one of my favorite breeds at the moment. i adore mine.
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I had a friend with two ocicats. They are extremely hyperactive. Luckily, two meant that the entertained each other. They also had their own bedroom with a loft. Just be prepared that ocicats have a lot of energy. They also are demanding. These two insisted on where items should be placed. There was a stuffed animal that had to be on the floor. Admitedly, it was very funny to place it on a chair and watch the cats come tearing over to knock it down.
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It realy all depends on what you want in a cat ,all the breeds you have mentioned are all good ones .
I personly Have the Egypian Mau because they are low maintenance loyal and loveing cats, they are fast as lighting and will keep you on your toes and as a few who have them will tell you, you have never had a cat until you have been owned by a mau .
EMRO would be a good place to locate one just clickthe link in SOS
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I got a cat at the humaine shelter and I'm half positive that he is part manx part something else because he has a manx personallity and some manx looks (long hind legs ect) but he has a tail- quite a long on indeed- and no health problems... from the his part manx makes him more cuddley... he walks right over end tables jjust to go from one person to the next! pretty mellow...but he can't stand when we leave for like an hour.. he runs to the door and climbs your leg and you can get the impression he's say "Why did you leave?!? I had nobody to cuddle me!!"

Anyhoo it all depends on your and or your potential cat's personality and your lifestyle!
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I love my Ocicat Sadie! After having Siamese all my life, when my flame point Cinnamon passed, I decided it was time to try a different breed. I originally researched bengals, but I discovered they were more aggressive than the Ocicat and Mau. I even went so far as to visit some breeders in Ontario. I found the most lovely bengals at Rosetta Cattery ( But, after researching another bengal breeder in Ontario, I found the Ocicat. I purchased my hot chocolate Ocicat from Lotsospots ( Earlier postings about Ocicats being very needy are right -- but, that's what I wanted in my new baby. She does not have any behavioural problems at all, and she's quite fine on her own at home when I'm at work (although I must cuddle her the moment I walk in the door - but, I love that!). She is so incredibly intelligent (plays fetch, plays "shake a paw" and already knows sit, down, off and, of course, no. She's very vocal and loves to communicate with me (but not like a Siamese that talks to hear themselves talk). I would highly recommend Lotsospots as they take much care in socializing their animals and they are simply lovely people to deal with. While I do love a traditional Siamese, now I wouldn't have any other type of cat than an Ocicat. I'm simply hooked on these lovely creatures.
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