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Hello again!

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Hi everyone! I used to be on this site alot about 2 years ago but life got busy...wedding, selling 2 houses, moving, etc. But, I'm back. Anyway, my 3 original babies are Harley (orange tabby and ruler of the house), Monster (grey and orange torti who unfortunately has seizures due to ant poison she found when she was a kitten) and Lil-One (Orange and black torti that thinks she is better than everyone but mommy!). 2 months ago, I added 3 kittens who's mother got killed by a stray dog....Gizmo and Corkie (both grey and white...Corkie is named that because her tail is bent and when she was younger it felt like a cork screw) and Missy (who looks a lot like Lil-One and acts alot like her too!). They are all about 3 months old now and are a handful! On top of that, my dear hubby decided to get a 7 wk old chocolate lab we named Snickers. Currently, we are waiting for our house to be finished so we are living in my mother-in-laws which is full of boxes and has enough room to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom and that is it! Needless to say, this house is a zoo! Anyway, looking forward to spending time on here again...at least until its time to get settled into our new home!
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Hi welcome back to TCS!
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Hello and welcome back!
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Hi there So good to see you back . If there's anything you've forgotten about the site and need help with, just drop me a PM.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome back! It's good that your MIL is okay with all your critters.
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