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Ever Clean

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I was thinking about buying Ever Clean, but I don’t know if it’s a good clumping litter. Also I would like to know if it’s dusty.
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My cat is having an allergy problem the reason I asked, but today I bought Worlds Best. I didn't know what to buy. I hope he likes it.
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I don't know anything about EverClean, but Worlds Best is an excellent litter. I used to use that, but because I have so many cats I switched to Chicken Feed because it's much cheaper.

If you can affo4rd it then you can't go wrong with Worlds Best.
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It seems a bit expensive, so I've never tried it. So far I think tidy cats is the least dusty compared to fresh step, arm & hammer and exquisicat.
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Been using the EverClean for several years with a couple of LitterMaids as well as in standard box. Cats seem happy with it and it clumps great.
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thank you for the comments
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