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The kittens are nearly 8 weeks old now and have really gotten into playing with eachother and their toys. We have the feather/bell/string on a stick toy and both of my daughters like to play with them with it. However, when the kittens get the feather/bell in the "death hold" you cannot take it away from them. I had to tackle my 3 year old yesterday to stop her from trying to get it out of Jacko's mouth. I went for it and ended up with claws and teeth buried in my skin. Luckily I froze, so that the imbedded claws did not become heinous scratches. DH had to scruff him and remove the claws one by one, because they were so deep into my wrist and hand.

My question is, since they are being so aggressive with this particular toy, should we take it away for good? They used to just chase it, now they want it to DIE.