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Will he hate me?

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Ok well our little Cosmo LOVES any type of food he can get his hands on, sloppy joes, noodles, mashed potatoes, breadsticks, pizza, etc. And he's always jumping on the counter to try and steal everything while I'm making dinner. I got one of those little water bottle things to spray him (I don't spray his face) with whenever he's on the counter but....well whenever I spray him he looks at me like "why are you doing this to me?" and then he jumps off. Will he start disliking me because of it or does he not really know I'm the cause of the water lol. I feel kind of dumb for asking this but it really does make me feel bad but at the same time it drives me crazy cause he tries to eat all our food lol.

Any other suggestions to keep him off the counter?
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Startle him with loud noises instead.
An empty soda can with beans or pennies in it.
He jumps up, shake the can at him until he gets down.
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I tried that but he doesn't really seem to care. He's more interested in what it is than being afraid of it lol. He's a very curious cat
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I used the spray bottle to train Ginger, and I know a lot of folks on this site don't approve, but it worked GREAT for us. Ginger is very well behaved, and now knows that she can only jump on the counters when I'm not home, LOL!!!

She doesn't hate me for training her, she loves me and shows me that she does - just be careful where you spray. Just like children, guidance with careful and gentle discipline will help your kitty to know right from wrong. I only used the spray bottle for a couple of months and haven't had to pick it up in at least 4-5 months. She's 13 months old now and I got her at 8 weeks old.
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I use the spray bottle in dire situations, like when life and limb are at stake.
Usually though a loud noise and a clap will make them stop their behavior.
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Make sure that he won't see that you're spraying him.
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