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Weight Gain?

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So, approximately how much weight should these little guys be gaining? Do you check them daily and notice a weight gain or is it every few days/week?
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I weigh daily in the morning. They should double their birth weight in about a week. I notice a .2-.5oz weight gain a day so far. As long as they are gaining/not losing weight then you know they are healthy.
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My little ones were a nice size when born, so should they still double their weight in a week?
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Yes they still should. Mine will develope slower because they are smaller than usual.

Kittens weigh about 100 grams (3-5 ounces) at birth and gain approximately 7 to 15 grams per day (a quarter to over half an ounce). Thus, they will double their birth weight by seven days and triple it by twenty-one days (males gaining even faster). Large quantities of breast milk are needed, and this is stressful for the lactating mother. if a supplemental food source (e.g., milk replacer) can be provided by three weeks of age, it will lessen the need for milk production and may shorten the time to weaning.
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I weighed them and they do seem to be gaining. They wiggle so much on the scale that it is hard to get an exact weight but there is a definite gain.
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It seems like my kittens have gained an ounce since birth (Sunday morning). Does this seem like they are on the right track, since they weighed about 4 oz when they were born? It doesn't seem like they will be double their weight by a week. Is there any time that I should step in and supplement or as long as they are gaining, it will be ok...?
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As long as they are nursing and gaining weight, not losing weight then I think they should be fine. You might help them find a nipple if they are having trouble but really sounds ok..
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Thanks. They all seem to be nursing just fine and they get all around the cage, I was quite surprised at that! When mom went right outside to eat eat, one of them even made it all the way to the (crate) door to find her!
The little one I was worried about is eating too, so I guess I will continue to monitor the weight...
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good luck with the little ones!!!
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I like weighing in grams myself, for the first few weeks, to make sure each one is gaining at least 10-15 grams a day. Although after keeping records daily, I can say sometimes they gain 20 grams, and other days only 8-9 grams, so I guess it evens out.
As Solarity said, if they are nursing and gaining all should be fine.
Congrats on the healthy babies.
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