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Feeding adult cat and kitten

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Ok, I'm hoping BabyHarley can help me out here

So now I have an 11 month old kitty and a 10 week old kitten. Obviously the little kitten is eating kitten food and Stumpy is eating big cat food.

How do I get around this?? Should I leave both Stumpy's and the kitten's dry food out in different bowls and assume they'll get enough of the right food? Stumpy is only a little girl herself, so I'm not worried about her getting too fat if she decides kitten food is yummier.

In the way of wet food, should I get the sort of wet food that's good for cats and kittens, and just supervise to make sure the kitten gets enough?
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Hi! We have a mixed household right now with our big kitties and a litter of 5 stray kittens. They are 15 weeks old now, and we have been transitioning them to the big kitties' food - Eagle Pack holistic select - with our vets' blessings. Prior to that, though, we had to put the kittens in a separate room and close the door during feeding time. The big cats are free-fed, but I wasn't too worried about the kittens eating the big kitty food since I knew it wouldn't be much. I think your situation depends greatly on the type of food and protein and nutrient balances. As far as the wet food goes, your idea sounds good. We only feed wet once a day in the morning, and I still have to give the wet to the kittens separately or the big ones will definitely push the kittens out of the way to get to it. Hope this helps a little.
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