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sexing kittens

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helpppppppppp im so baffled and have no idea whats what with my kittens ive looked at tons of sites and pics but they all look so different i knw pics arent clear but nyhelp wld b appreciated as im stuck





i didnt bother with the black one because the pic was mission impossible 2 c nything i struggle at best of times to see never mind a picture hehe
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According to my vet if it looks like an exclamation point its a girl, if it just looks like two dots its a boy. So the bottom pic looks like a boy to me but the rest....
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I have lost my glasses and so I am really reaching here, but it looks like Garfield is a boy ... Squeak is a girl ... Smudge - I can't tell from that picture ... Fluffy is a boy ... LOL I could be wrong though - I can't see worth a hill of beans without my eyes on.
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Garfield is a boy
Smudge is a girl (she's a calico)

Not positive on the reds - I'm guessing boys unless both mom and dad are carrying red, in which case, you could have either males or female reds. Fluffy does look like a girl but can't decide on the other one.

What color is mom and dad?
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mum is red and white and i have no idea what dad is she got caught by accident but im guessing its a black and white cat the dad cat
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If squeak or garfield are girls then dad was red... but that would not explain a calico kitten. If squeak and garfield are boys then it would make sense that dad was something else and it would explain the calico girl.

Squeak looks like a girl so that has left me confused.

Wait if there was a black then yah dad was black or something. So that makes me think that the orange kitties are male even though they don't look like it.

Sorry I'm thinking out loud.

If squeak is a girl then I'm thinking there were multiple dads. One red, one black.
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I am finding this an interesting thread! I didn't realize that the color of the parents affects the sex of the kittens! I have a pic in "She Havin' Babies" and I believe I have the sexes of the kittens right. I have no clue what color the dad is. The dark/striped one and one of the white/black are girls, the other white/black is a boy I believe.
I have seen black & black/white cats around, but no striped ones, so I am curious as to who might be the dad!
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The color only plays a factor in the gender if there is red in the fur. So red or calico's you can infer what the parents were or infer what the kitten's sex is based on the parents. This is one of the few cases in nature where you can obviously see a sex-linked gene (red is tied to the x-chromosome). This is a popular example in genetics class because its so visual.
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Thanks! Interesting!
With our 3, I have no clue where the stripes came from, as the cats I have seen around are not striped.
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when i got boots everyone thought she was a male because they said red females are rare :S and i was told calicos are only girls its all very confusing hehe
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Originally Posted by boots
when i got boots everyone thought she was a male because they said red females are rare :S and i was told calicos are only girls its all very confusing hehe
Red females occur anytime both parents are red, so not really rare but not common. Calico males are DEFINITELY rare. In order for a male to be calico they have to have a chromosomal abnormality making them an XXY male (normally XY). This abnormality is rare enough, but then one of the parents has to be red on top of that. So red females occur under the right conditions, but calico males are indeed quite rare.
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To me, Fluffy, Squeak and Garfield all look like boys, and the calico one a girl.
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