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NATURAL CHOICE kitten food-any comments

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Hello all
I am looking to change my kitten and cat food after some searching this morning. For the past 7 years I have been feeding my resident cats Purina Cat Chow. But after doing some research, have come to understand why they are always hungry and getting just a wee bit plump. I also now have a kitten to feed, so would like to start him off right. Does anyone have an opinion about Natural Choice pet foods? Because of where I live, I don't have a lot of the choices you do in the states. The basic choices I have are Eukanuba, Iams, Natural Choice, and one or two others that I can't remember.

Any advice????

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Of the brands you mentioned, Nutro is the better one.
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I feed my cats Natural Choice and they love it! Sebastian has been on it since he was a kitten and loves it. He has also never had and diarrhea or UTI issues.

I just got my new kitten and that is what I started him on. He loves it as well.

Good Luck!
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Zoey eats Natural choice... My vet only suggests two brands for those not feeding raw ... Natural choice and Solid Gold
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My cats love that brand and they are picky eaters. It's the best cat food I've ever used IMO. There was some quality issue going on awhile ago with the Nutro packets, so I had to switch to cans. Even the cans were not air tight, so I had to take a break from that food, but I think the new cans seem good so I'm getting ready to get back on it.

My cats got lethargic and always cried for food while I was off Nutro, so I'm really eager to get back on it.
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my boy OG got a urine blockage on iams so i consider it to be low quality food.
i feed my boys nutri-source and evolve, they havent had any problems since. theyre hair is even shinier and softer and theyve lost weight! finally lost weight, the w/d prescription diet wouldnt even work for that.
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My 4 kitties are all on Nutro Natural Choice. I fed 2 dogs and one other kitty ( all rescues) on NNC for over 2 years without any allergy problems and all my furbabies had glorious coats and great health (Great Dane from shelter, acquired with "hot spots", aka great bloody oozing sores, lost them within a week of eating Nutro NC only; none of those, or current, furbabies have shedding/skin/allergy issues....just glowing good health.)

Current residents (all rescues or strays that have been "re-homed") are all glossy and shed-free (time of year?) and no litterbox issues.

Newest Puss, stray from county impound, hungry and skinny and shedding like a dandelion, after one week is prospering without furry tumble weeds and gaining weight nicely.

It costs a little bit, but all the claims are true: less shedding, less PU in the litter box, and a beautiful, healthy, gleaming and happy kitty. I even feed the kibble for a treat and they think they are getting something special...(duh)

I do have a kitten, adopted from Humane Society along with another, both females, that has a serious weight issue. She has become seriously fat, with an enormous fat pad on her abdomen.

Her "sister" (unrelated genetically) has no such problem, being sleek and silky. Both have access to the same food (fed free-choice). Neither does her big brother ( a rehomed dsh, stray), a year older and also sleek.

Therefore, I do not think the brand has anything to do with it. Some kitties, like some of us, just find it easy to get a little too prosperous!

Best of everything,
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My cat loves Nutro too! So I definetly vote for Nutro - minimized smell of poo, smaller volume of it, beautiful, shiny coat, healthy gums..
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