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Originally Posted by gemlady
Hey, it works!

I bet it does.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
I hate it when Scooter and Fluffy gang up to torment Pearl. I discovered they had been blocking her access to the litterbox, when she could not hold it any longer and had an accident right in front of me on my bedroom floor. I felt so bad for her. She was so embarrassed, she hung her little head and howled so pitifully.
I watched them the next day and sure enough, the would chase her from the room where the litterboxes are. I had to put one in my bathroom, which I really hate.
It's a good thing I really love my kitties, or I would be making tabby slippers out of them.

Oh my. Tease them with their food at mealtime and give Pearl chin skritches this evening for me.
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Aw, I feel so bad for Pearl. I know how she feels. When Zissou got her little flu, she had uncontrollable diarrhea and every spot it got on she would furiously try to bury and just look at me like "I'm so sorry Mommie! I try to keep it clean!" and hide her face until I cleaned it up, and even then she looked sad for awhile. That was a fun weekend, cleaning up cat vomit/squirts and emergency vets

I can just see poor Pearl just not able to hold it anymore. Those mean bullies!
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wait until I scoop out all poo and pee from their litter boxes and THEN decide to go poo in it
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I hate it when they climb on my lap or curl up beside me in bed then start to noisily wash themselves It really annoys me!

I'm also starting to hate it when Mosi tries to grab my hair. Ever since I got him he's had an obsession with going for my hair at every opportunity. I used to find it endearing but I've just spent a couple of hours in the ER after he got me in the eye during one of his attempts, so I'm now thinking it's time he grew out of that
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Originally Posted by crittermom
wait until I scoop out all poo and pee from their litter boxes and THEN decide to go poo in it
But it's all nice and clean then!
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Originally Posted by arcadian girl
sometimes it's like he's on a mission to dig to china to bury that poo...

And might I add...I hate it when they leave a big pile and DON'T cover it up!

Originally Posted by gemlady
I can do without Ari humping my arm to wake me up.

Originally Posted by ilafa
Well, I hate when Ajči decides to vomit from the table to the floor - vomitfall
And to expand on that...I REALLY hate it when my cats throw up down the heat vent.

My Scooter used to attack my feet when I was sleeping...bite right through the covers. I'd have to curl up in a little ball and stay absolutely still to make him stop. I actually miss that...
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I hate it that every time I open the refrigerator that my two boys jump in and try to find some people food to eat. I also hate that any bread like product is not safe in my house. I've had to buy plastic containers for all of our cereal.
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When Buffy screams and screams and screams when she's bored and REALLY wants outside. Nothing will quiet her down, you can talk to her quietly, you can yell at her, or you can simply ignore her. Each of those ideas has it's cons. Talk to her, she'll talk back. Yell at her, she'll yell back. Ignore her, and she'll deliberately put on her most annoying, never-ending mrowwwwwwowwwowwww. You just can't win, but she CAN'T go outside! (especially if the harness is missing, which it is right now)

When Molly is lounging on the window next to my bed, and I'm lying on my back next to the window, Molly will eventually decide to get off. But does she hop down to the bed by my feet? No, she has to take that extra effort to launch herself UP in the air, so that she starts sailing downwards at the correct time and all 10-something pounds of her punches all the air out of me. I wouldn't be bugged so much if she simply jumped on my belly like a normal cat, but she has to jump UP to get the maximum effect.

When Willow is around and you're eating something, you can't get any peace. It doesn't matter what it is, it could be a greasy chicken burger (vegetarian) or a bowl of chips, she'll come on over and keep poking her paws around trying to get a morsel of food. I don't really mind it much, I think it's really cute, but if she could just have a little patience and wait for me to give her pieces instead of snatching out her litter-stained paw and touching my food. Ew.... lol
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Mind you my baby isn't the most loving ball of fur...

I hate it when she comes to me like she wants some love and when you get ready to rub her she moves away like...SIKE

I hate it that the ONLY time she wants some love is when you are feeding her greedy butt, and then I feel like I'm walking a maze all the way to my kitchen because she continues to do roundabouts through my legs until her cermaic bowl hits the floor. One of the two always happens, I almost fall from trying NOT to step on her, or brace myself and get meowed at for not moving fast enough!

Other than that I have mad love for my baby, even now she's giving me that cute little face
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