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Is rice OK??

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I have a question. My 16 yr. old kitty, has CRF. She was diagnoses, last November. Well she is dealing very well with high blood pressure meds & her sub Q fluids, but eating is difficult for her, I have tired lots of differnt things Even some suggestions I got from here once before. I also have tried 1/4 of a tablet of pepcid ac (something recomended by my vet) I have tried appitie stimulants, but I can tell by her behavior she feels very jittery when I've given her those. I'm wondering if anyone knows if white rice is Ok for cats with CRF. You see she just loves rice, I would be willing to mix it with her food every day if it would encourace her to eat more. She was only 7 lbs in her prime & now I'm afriad she weighs at the most 5. We've been together 16 years & this is breaking my heart, but I know she's not done fighting yet. She still acts like herself & while she is tired a lot, she loves to sleep with her mom. So I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it.
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I just sent you a PM. It should be there shortly. Good luck with your kitty.
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I have a few opinions on grains(rice)for cats.Cats are carnivores and would eat the entrails,including the partially digested stomach contents.Many Holistic animal guardians are now feeding their companions a higher percentage of meat protein.Also a subject of opinion is proper food combining for our companions.Since different foods digest at different rates and will help of different enzymes,it might be a good idea to feed meats and veggiesat one meal and fruits and grains at another.All grains should be cooked into a soft,mushy gruel,this enables the nutritional values of the grains to be fully absorbed before passing through the short digestive tract.Contrary to the fact that soy protein is used in many brands of comercial foods.Soy Protein is added to many foods to boost the overall protein percentages(and to make the animal feel full more quickly.The problem is,animals have a hard time metabolizing soy proteins.In addition to providing neccessary carbohydrates,dietary fiber,iron,vitamins,and minerals,cooked grains also provide an added diversity of amino acids.I know how hard it is for you and your cat,I have a 19 year old that I administer Herbs to for his problems.I'm starting to accept that his body functions are dimminishing,it's all part of getting old.I give him lots of love and give him his herbs.God Bless you and your cat and we will pray for you.What is the disease she has?
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