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The daily thread 8-1-2006

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Is it hot yet!!!
My house didn't cool down at all last night. DH said open the windows there is a breeze so I let all the humid are in and this morning my house was hotter than the temps outside. Slept ok on air mattress.
Bobber is miserable though with this heat.
So sitting in front of a fan again today-will be in A/c for a while as I have my 6 month dental checkup.
Will stop at grocery store for a cool supper rather than heating up the house.

Stay cool!!!
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Try and stay cool!

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far....and I believe it!!, it's stiffling out there already.

I'm just going through some RSVP stuff for the wedding right now, and I'm going to go and brave the heat to go for a workout.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Phew! Hot and sweaty here too. The cats are not enjoying this heat, poor boys don't have a/c. I threatened to spray them with cold water if they get too lethargic!
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Good Morning everyone!!

I really haven't been on here as much lately since I am searching the internet for pregnancy resources..since my husband and I are Trying to Concieve. But I promise you I won't leave this site

Thank goodness Monday is over...just 4 1/2 more days left till the weekend!!
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Its soo cold here today!
Temp dropped about 10 degrees C so its very eep! i could wear my winter jacket!
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Good morning!!!! Lets just say my ac is already on!!! supposed to be 100 degrees today and feel like 105!!!! Tomorrow its supposed to be worse, I cant take this heat its so humid!!!!
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Good morning all!

Today is payday, so I'm a busy little bee today workin' away! Gotta love payday

Tonight John & I are going to look at a new motorcycle... he found a custom chopper that he's been wanting forever.... and its only a difference of about $1,000 of what they will give him for his, so I'm sure we'll end up with a new motorcycle this week. Great He wants to take me on a ride tonight to try to convince me!

Other than that, no new news around here - its nice and cool (so far) its been raining, and tomorrow's high is only 78*! We're excited

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Good Morning Ladies!

I am still in pain today, although not quite as bad as yesterday. I had 2 dr's appts yesterday. The general practice dr. just gave me meds & told me to take it easy... the meds suck. Then I saw the chiropractor, who did electro shock therapy on by shoulder blade, with heat compresses. After that she adjusted me. I feel alot better. I am still sore and tender where my muscle was severly spasming, but at least I have more movement in my neck! I have to see her 2x a week for the next 3 weeks. And I can't wait, it was almost like being at the spa!

Today I turned the air down for LuckyGirl... there is supposed to be record breaking heat here in Philly. It's to reach over 100 degrees, and feel even higher with the humidity. So I have it set at 72 for her... and I hope she is ok. Poor hubby is working outside in this dreaded heat today... he will be exhausted & miserable by the time he comes home!

Hope you all have a great day!!!
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Good Morning! Lee went to work with his dad at the construction site today. Now its official I have my own hot construction worker!

We have also officially named the new kitten Phantom. Phenom and Phanton were getting along great last night. Chasing each other around the house and playing. Phantom is a lot more playful than Phenom was in her kitten days. She also can jump a lot higher. Phantom jumps onto the bar stools to get on the counter, the is a habit we are going to have to break ASAP.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!
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