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Update on Luna

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I took her into the vet last night (different vet for a second opinion)

They ran a fecal again and did a Gierrida (sp?) specific test. All results were negative (poor thing too...THEY extracted the feces...I gave her some catnip when I got her home to help her forget the moment of horror).

B was with me this time and mentioned that all of this started after we got the 4th cat. Luna doesn't take too well to other cats and was the agressor until Whitey came into the picture. Then she became more docile.

Anyhoo, the vet said this could be a possibility, such as maybe the stress of a 4thc at gave her irritible bowel and its swollen up.

So we are merging her (and the other cats) onto Eukanuba Lo-Res diet. This is formulated for sensitive stomachs and hopefully will help.

She did have a slightly high fever, but the vet wasn't sure why...it could just be for us not using an a/c until the other day, from an infection or from something that's irritating her. So she goes back in a few days to have her temperature check.

*crosses fingers* Hopefully just the diet works!!!
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Thanks for the update, and fingers crossed.
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I hope Luna feels better soon!
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I hope this diet works! I know what it is like to be confused & frusterated by funny stools...Damita & Chico had them for a long time. A switch of foods & less stress solved my problems!
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