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Dont feel the heat?

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All three of my cats (one is a kitten) seem to love this terrible heatwave. We have air conditioning in our living room and kitchen but they prefer to go out on the enclosed back porch area and spend their day sleeping on the couch out there.

I have brought them in here but they just head back out there. All that is out there is a fan.

Our pup (cats are used to him) stays in here with us. He really feels the heat.

This will be the hottest day of the year possibley and already they are out there playing around at the moment but it is still early morning. Do cats not feel the heat or do they just love it?

Do I have to make them stay in here today or just let them do what they want.

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Our domesticated housepets have descended from desert creatures, and most cats have a much higher heat tolerance than humans or dogs. As long as you have given them a choice of temperatures and plenty of fresh water is available let them do what they want.
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i agree that it's strange..we had a heatwave here in Cali recently, and i felt bad for Wonton, he looked so hot-but yet he'd always choose a patch of sun to sleep in, when there were much cooler places, like my bathroom floor-the tile is almost always cool to the touch.

i've read that cats can't feel heat properly, the way we do..i don't know if that's true.
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Guess I will just let them do as they please then.

They are still out there and just wont come in where it is cool
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Yup, Oliver's the same way... we have a big wall unit to cool the downstairs of my parents' and then window units in the two bedrooms and he often chills in the non-ACed bathroom and when he does come into the AC he's usually got all his feet tucked under him to keep them warm... cats have higher natural internal body temps too (about 103* F) and as stated earlier our pet kitties have come from Egyption kitties - imagine that heat! As long as they have options for different temperatures to choose from and access to all their food, water, litter, etc... they're fine to do as they please... I'd only worry if you see them acting very lethargic and/or excessively panting, then force them inside, monitor them and if it doesn't resolve quickly get them to the vet
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my cat is the same too...he'll sit out on the lanai for hours in the sun then he'll come in the kitchen and lay down to cool off his belly
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Thanks Buzby and Valentyne

They are not showing any signs of illness. No panting etc. They just seem to prefer it our on the enclosed porch but they can come in here any time they want.

IT is interesting what I have learned on here about the history of cats and how they can withstand higher temps. Also about others peoples cats and how they react.

Thanks to all for your input.
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