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1 crazy kitten + 1 can black paint + 1 beige carpet = ....

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Oy vey!

Today was the last day to move because I had to hand in the keys to my apartment by 6pm. Needless to say, by the time I got home I was absolutely exhausted and aching everywhere. So when Peewee went into psycho playful kitty mode (which is normally a fun time for all), I just didn't have the strength to play with him. So I tossed him a stuffed mouse, which he then proceeded to kill all over the house.

Well when he got into my office, he pounced on the mouse and managed to knock over a picture frame in the process. I wasn't worried about it. It didn't land on him and it doesn't have glass in it or anything... so even if it did land on him, it would have been like a piece of paper falling on him. I was in desperate need of a nap so I just left it there.

Turns out I shouldn't have. When I woke up from my nap I picked up the picture frame only to find out there was a can of black paint underneath and the lid was not put on quite as tightly as I had thought. I now have 1 quart of black semi gloss wall paint seeped into my beige carpet

Luckily a combination of hot water/ammonia/dish soap/steam cleaner seems to be doing a decent job of getting it out. But sheesh, I've learned my lesson. Next time, play with the cat!
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I can't believe you could get the paint out!!!! I would be completely distraught...thank goodness you're being such a trooper after such a long day!
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After everything that has gone on with buying a house and moving, I can't let a thing like paint in a carpet get to me. Instead I just thought "Of course... of course there's paint in my carpet! Where else would it be on a day like this!"

I've got it down to where it just looks like someone walked on the carpet with dirty shoes. I figured a few more hours of steam cleaning/soaking and it'll be gone (or really close to it). .... or at least I hope so
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Congratulations on the good job you have done with the carpet cleaning. I agree, yep, next time play with the cat.
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Maybe you could find an artful way to throw a rug down on the stains if you can't completely get it out...

Good luck! Again, you're having a great attitude about it!
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You are a real trooper! I would have blown a gasket. It's a shame it got all over your new carpet. I hope you can get it out. Peewee is one lucky kitty to have someone that did not flip out over it.
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Wow, I'm impressed you've got most of it out already. Good luck with that stain, paint's a real to get out of carpet. I've had to resort to "shaving" the carpet before!
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Holy cow...I'm surprized you got it out of the carpet, and to stay so cool. I wood have flipped, if that happend to me. Anthony spilt Hot Choclate on our new white carpet just after we moved into our new home. OMG watch out!!

I did manage to get it out with a product from Home Depot called Carpet Extinguisher. Few! That stuff will get anything out!
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