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Silly things your cats do?

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Hello all!

Any of you have some bizarre things your kitties like to do. Some things cute, or weird?

My girl Hendrix likes to watch my printer print paper. She will sit on top of it and watch it print papers. It's so cute! Kind of weird too.

Any of you have any odd things your kitties do that you eould like to share?

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When Willow wants to wake me up, she licks my hair until she gets one strand, and then she chews on it. It works every time.
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what i'm gonna tell isnt silly all the time for me.

Whenever i pass by my cat tuty and he is awake, he likes to try to grab my leg as a kind of play, sometimes he uses his claws, this is kinda painful!!

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When I'm in the bathroom, or sitting at my computer, Chynna will tap me on the knee or leg to indicate that she wants me to pick her up for cuddles. She also loves to give nose kisses.

Abby has a pair of rolled up socks that she loves to cart around while meowing. It seems it's her way of announcing her arrival into a room, even if she was already in the room with me getting cuddles. She just likes to have the socks in the same room as she is; she never cuddles or plays with them, but she is attached to them.

When Abby was a kitten she used to hang off the front of the freezer door of my fridge and swing her body and bounce her hind legs off of the door so she could open it.
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If Jaffa thinks he's being ignored he will tap me on the shoulder or back, then give me that "excuse me, you're not paying me attention" look. If I'm watching tv he sits on the back of the sofa and does it, and when I'm at the computer he stands on his back legs behind me and reaches up to tap me
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Lilly tightrope-walks across the top of my closet door to play with the pull-string for the closet light. Sometimes she has to meow for help getting down.
It definitely freaked me out the first time I heard her meowing and found her on top of the door, with it swaying back and forth. I think she'd like to run off and join the circus!

Leo likes to "re-zone" things that I don't leave in the right place. He does this mostly with my clothes (clean and dirty) and papers, but really anything will do. This weekend he relocated an arm cover for the couch to the kitchen floor. Maybe he's looking for a career in interior decorating- I'll get worried when my furniture starts moving!
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Not that I like admitting this, but my bf & I are smokers. We don't smoke in the house. It's either in the basement or outside. Bailey likes the little celophane that comes off the top of a new pack of cigarrettes. We find these things all over the house. And I always know when she's carrying one around with her because its the only time she makes this one specific vocalization. We have yet to figure out the reason behind this. Daisy has a feather, or whats left of the feather, attached to a stick with a string. She drags it everywhere, and it's not uncommon to find it in our bed. The stick part gets caught up on something everytime she turns a corner...she just keeps going. I must say, I really admire her determination especially when it comes to dragging this thing up and down the stairs. Sometimes I'll just step in and help her out because I feel bad. But then she looks at me as if to say " Thanks anyway, but I got this."
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Wonton asks to be picked up, just like a toddler. One day i'll get video of this, and post it up. He usually does it when we've been gone all day - when we come home he's so happy to see us that he just wants to be picked up. If i reach down to pat him at that time, he'll stand up on his hind feet, with his front feet reaching for me. If I'm near enough, he'll grab my shoulder with both front paws, and try to climb up-at which point i have to help him of course, otherwise his claws are going to dig in my skin. i grab his middle like you would a toddler (carefully) and pick him up, and of his own accord he arranges himself like a baby about to be burped-front paws and face over my shoulder. i then snuggle him and pat him and he purrs and rubs against me. I've never in my life seen any other cat ask to be picked up just like a little kid does. Wonton is a character
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Ari will drape himself over the back of a kitchen chair and play with his tail.
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I would love to see Wonton do his toddler thing. That sounds just adorable.
Pearl has become a little cuddle bug lately. She will wait until I get all comfortable in bed, then she will come and lay down next to me. She will inch closer and closer until she has her paws extended, then she will scoot until she is belly to chest with me, the she will give me a big kiss and hug. Then she will make a cute little noise until I hug her back, the we will settle in for a cuddle. It is so sweet, I have started watching tv in bed most of the time so I can get cuddles from her. She plays peekaboo from the cat tree next to the bed if I am putting away laundry or cleaning in the bedroom.
The others have been complete little buttheads lately!
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My cat Nigel likes to chase things that aern't there, he likes to lick people, and he loves to stomp on papers
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I have a curio cabinet that has 3 mirrors on the back and Pandora will sit and stare at herself in it then she will see herself in one of the other mirrors, and jerk around like "hello, who is this??" I really think she thinks there is another cat in there
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