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What's the biggest scare your babies have ever given you?

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Our babies have a way of scaring the life out of us at times. Once when Madden was about four months old he got out the door and we didn't even notice it. We went out to smoke approximately an hour later and heard a kitten meowing under the truck. I got down and looked and Madden was sitting on the tire!! He was covered in black, and had to have a bath but was SO happy to be back inside. He's had no intrest in going outside since, I think it scared him as much as it did me!

Another time he got locked in the kitchen pantry all night, and when I found him the next morning there was a can of tuna on the floor and he was lying on his side beside it with his eyes squinted shut crying! I thought he'd knocked it off and hit himself in the head!! I took him to the vet and there was nothing wrong, I think he was just trying to get the "poor Maddens" out of me, and it worked!!

What was your biggest scare?
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Ducky has a way of getting into all kinds of things. When he was about 6 months old, I had come in from grocery shopping. I put everything away. I went back into the kitchen a bit later and I hear a very faint meow. I thought it was coming from the cabinets, but couldnt find a cat in any of them. I finally realized it was coming from the refrigerator. I opened it, and there was Ducky. I was beside myself for the longest time. Thats actually when I started to incorporate the "cat count" .
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Well, this is not me, But last years my sister called upset that they could not find there cat, They live out in the country and her cat is a indoor/outdoor cat. she said it had been gone for 3 days now. i told her well she need to stop letting her cat go outside, but i would come out and help her look later that day after i got some sleep.

well around 2 i woke up, went to the bathroom andhear a meow, at first i think i am hearing things, then i see a black cat sitting at the bottom of the steps(trust me i thought i was going crazy) but i said, come here baby, and it came running up.
I call my father, and say how did a cat in the house, he said that when they took the top off the truck they found it there. SOO i get on the web cam and ask my sister if she lost a little black furry thing,,,

the kitty had been in the back of my fathers truck for 3 day!!!!! and had never made a sound., if he had not gone to have work done on his truck she would have died there
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Those are both very heart-pounding experiences!! Who would have thought? They have a special way of almost giving us heart-attacks don't they?
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Will it would have to be the time Limerick got his collar caught around his lower jaw. I had put a new collar on him and everything seemed fine. The next night I wen out with my Fh and some friends, returned the next morning and poor Limerick had the collar caught around his jaw, he was bleeding and could barly breath! My Fh and I rushed him to the vet who got the collar off and gave him a shot to reduce the swelling. I was a reck! I was crying and felt horrible that my poor kitten was hurt. He's fine now, he will never wear a collar again, but it was the scarest thing I think I've ever been through.

A month later I found him, in the middle of the night, staring at me from the top of the fridge... I didn't expect to see his little eyes staring at my level.... I screamed and turned on the light and he was looking at me like "geez Mom, what's your problem" It was pretty funny.
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When we adopted Anya she had a bad URI and one night I had her in my lap in the steamed up bathroom trying to help her congestion. It was the first time we had ever tried this and she did NOT like it one bit.

She ended up freaking out very quickly and jumping/falling from my lap and hitting her head. Poor little girl bloodied her nose AND gave her meowmy a heart attack. We ended up at the emergency vet that night I was so worried. Thankfully, she was fine.
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Joey wandered off during a family outing to the peach trees last year & didn't come back till next evening! We had a terrible storm that night - i cried all night and JC kept following me, meowing mournfully. i put ads on the radio first thing in the am, and later in the evening, a car drove to the end of the dirt driveway, then backed away - and a few seconds later, joey was meowing his head off at the front door!!!
And when i was out-of-state in May, JC busted out the cat door & led a mass escape!! My poor mom & daughter - they were frantic! When the cats came back to eat, my mom put Joey & JC in their carriers and took them to her house. JC was sooo miffed when I got back
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I was living with my mother around the time Gemini was 2 or 3 years old. My mom has a finished basement in her house, so I was living down there and my bedroom was right below hers.

About 6am my mother comes sprinting into my room absolutely frantic screaming that the cat is in the wall and I need to get up because she's going to break the wall open - about where my head happened to be at that moment. Half asleep I said "Mom, Gemini is not in the wall. Go back to bed". She's screaming at me that she's hearing her meow in the wall and she knows she's in there and she's going to go get her! By this point, I'm still half asleep, but I finally hear her meow. I convinced my mom that we should do a search one more time before we start breaking down walls... so I'm searching my room, mom is searching her room....

It's around this time that my mother notices the screen is missing from her bedroom window She went outside to find Gemmy hiding under a bush right next to the wall where mom was about to break through.

That little bugger. She's 15 now and still pulling stunts like this
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lets see..

When Dutchy was but a wee kitten and we lived on the farm in the house with way to many people. i went to grab a soda and she popped out from the fridge int he mud room. scared me half to death that A) a cat just walked out of the fridge and B)well HELLO how long had she been in there, lol

I confirmed with another house person they had just gotten a soda as well, and she most likely snuck in at that time.

Loki scares me frequently with he way he sleeps..flat out dead on the floor..he stays like that for hours..i hate it i always end up going to poke him, lol

Arthur recently must have darted outside when i picked up some packages from outside my door i didnt see him and closed up the door. a short while later i heard loud loud mewing from outside and was troubled, but thinking a strat kitty may need help..flung open the door..

to find Arthur coming out from behind the chair on the deck and dashing in the house...

oh the stories could go on..
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QT climbs the iron grills of the balcony to reach the roof just to give me a scare.

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well the newest of the bunch jyust gave me a heart attack. not evena month old yet..little turd...

I get up every few hours to check on the little ones. I know they are several weeks old now, but lillys bunch is two weeks behind and it just makes me feel better.

So i go in and do a head count..and one is missing. i think ok i am half awake....count again. MISSING....check faces. its my sweet little roger who is missing..


i tore the house apart. and moved all of the litter boxes one by one than palced them back...still could not find him..come back into the living troom..and here he is....trotting out from behind the litter boxes..like "ha ha that was fun"

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One summer night i'd gone to do laundry a few blocks from our house. My bf was watching tv. then i get a call "Wonton's gone". i'm all 'what do you MEAN Wonton's gone??" He'd somehow pushed through the screen, ripped it open, and escaped. We had no idea how long he'd been gone, we figured at least an hour. I left the laundry there and drove home, and my bf had been in the yard calling Wonton ever since he hung up with me - but no luck. I called and called too - no luck. I was trying my hardest to keep it together and not panic but it was impossible. He's my baby, and he's just so loving and snuggly, and he's so afraid of things he doesn't know, and he hates to be alone, and the thought of him lost out there... it killed me. I got in my car and drove around the neighborhood really slow (it was about dusk) calling, and by the second time i went around the block i was crying so hard i could barely call his name. There's a sort of steep ravine near this park/resovoir thing by our house, and there's a fence but it's cat-climbable, and i saw two glowing eyes..buut the thing is, theres plenty of outdoor cats around here (i think it's madness, but what can i do). all i could think is what if he's climbed the fence and is down in that ravine and can't get back up? i had no luck driving, looking for him, so i went home. He has a little toy that looks like a small black kitten, and if you squeeze it it makes a loud mewling noise. i went in the backyard, and squeezed it, over and over again. Nothing...but i just kept doing it, i just stood there squeezing that toy for a bout five or ten minutes. THen i heard a thump, and here came WOnton, casual as can be. he hopped onto the wooden fence that surrounds our backyard, and stared at me. he doesn't generally run from me, but i wasn't sure if he'd behave different cos he was outdoors, so i moved verrrry slowly towards him and acted like i was interested in something a bit behind him..then at the last minute i grabbed him. he didn't struggle, just looked at me like "what's all the fuss, mum?"

i brought him inside and cuddled him, and was just so thankful that i got him back. the next day we went down to the hardware store and got the heaviest duty screen mesh we could find, and rescreened both screens. he hasn't gotten out since, but still, we dont leave the windows open when we leave (we used to, cos its pretty safe here). There were a few other little scares, but that was the biggest. i don't know what i would have done if he didn't come back.
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I have had a few scares with my babies...

1) Where I used to live, I used to let Gizmo go outside in the garden. Gizmo had been with me about a month after I had got him from a rescue shelter. One day I looked out of my kitchen window to see a gang of about 15 cats surrounding Gizmo. I was so worried for him that I went out and tried to get him in. All the cats ran away...including Gizmo. All the neighbours complained that there was an almighty cat fight that night and Gizmo did not come home. I searched high and low for him for 1 week....almost cat-napping a cat that looked similar to him! I was beside myself with worry.

(There is a good ending though....Then I got a call from the shelter ...Gizmo was with his old owners who lived...guess what...TWO BLOCKS AWAY from me! The shelter did not realise that he had been re-homed so close to his old patch. He was apparently king of the neighbourhood and known to everyone as a trouble maker. However, after that incident I kept him indoors and he now the most squidgiest adorable loving cat ever!)

2) About 1 month ago I was dyeing my hair, a drop of hairdye fell onto the bathroom tiles. I turned to get a tissue to wipe the hairdye and in a split second, little kitten Boris came up and licked it the drop of hairdye!

I immediately rinsed his mouth and tried to give him plenty of water but I was so worried.. even more worried when about 1 hour later, he started crying non-stop and was sick twice! I could not believe that my 2.5 month kitten had been poisoned! I called the vet immediately and was told to give more water and observe, rather than bring him in straight away. Luckily Boris was fine.
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8-Bit once decided to hop up on our counter and investigate a cup of boiling hot tea that I had just made. When he hopped up, he hit the cup spilling hot tea all over himself and the kitchen. He let out this yowl that was absolutely heart breaking. He then ran into our bedroom and hid. After about 10 minutes of tiring to get him out, I was able to put him into the cat carrier, and rushed him to the emergency vet. He ended up being fine, but to this day, when ever I boil water, I put him in our bedroom.
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There have been a few.

But for sheer heart rending terror, none of them beat the day my (at the time) new foster Sláine arrived. Not one hour later - not one hour later I could not find her anywhere, despite having closed her in the bathroom.

Eventually, with the clarity of cyrstalised horror, I realised where she was. There was a tiny hole leading into the wall from some repairs BF had been doing - not big enough for older fosters to be at risk - but big enough for Sláine to crawl through and get into the wall.

No lure would get her out either, and she wasn't making a sound.

I ripped it out and found her huddled there, poor angel. Needless to say she wasn't allowed back into the bathroom til that was fixed!
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I have just read the whole list - man, it's amazing the lot of us aren't locked up somewhere.

I'm 26 - I started noticing my first grey hairs last year (and no, I don't come from a line of early greyers - the opposite, actually). I have quite a crop now.

I'm certain it's mainly from our cats - they've been seriously ill - Bobby with his FIV scare, Molly with breast cancer, Bobby with a tummy bug so severe we had to take him to our vets' at midnight on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, Molly's month-long eye infection (it was so bad and so sudden that I was certain her eye had been perforated - it didn't seem possible that it was just 'gunk'). They've pulled all nighters. Sláine had to have her leg removed. The list goes on.
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One time my parents and sister were over for dinner and my boyfriends dad went to the bathroom where there was candles lit and he comes back and says it smells like burnt hair in the bathroom. Knowing Zebra isn't so smart sometimes, I start running around looking for her...and sure enough it was her. She burnt some of the hair off her side and tail.

Another time, Milo got under the stove and he would not come out. I had to go behind it and reach down and pull him out.
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the worst for me has got to be when Pandora chewed the cord from the lamp and electrocuted herself. In all my years of having cats, I had never had a cat chew a cord and really didn't even know to watch out for it she was just laying there, breathing very fast and shallow and then I say the sparking wire called the e-vet and got her right in there, she had to stay 2 nights on an IV, but she made it through and she's my little loon now!
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In December 2004 Jasper (MIA) ran out the night before we got a deep snowfall! He was gone for several days. When he did come back I cried so much his fur got soaked.

Then there was the time Mom and I were working on Thanksgiving and when I opened the fridge out walked Gainesborough (RB - he was a blue boy )

Mom and I had just completed the wedding dress and veil for my cousin's fiancee when one of our kittens tore through the house and leaped at the dress form the items were on. He missed the veil by millimeters and almost lost his happy home that day!
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Reilly had an allergic reaction to a vacinne earlier this year. He had a seizure and was in the care of my parents at the time. I raced to the vet to meet them there (I was at work), I was crying so hard I could hardly see to drive.
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Our babies sure know how to scare their humans!
Pushkin just about made me cry earlier this year when I was walking him outside. I dropped his leash so he could go under a bush, next thing I know he's chasing the neighbour cat across the road, just as a bus was coming along the road. Man, that gave me a fright.
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My parents were painting their living room, and their cat PJ -- who was supposed to be shut up in a safe place -- somehow managed to break her way free and came into the living room. She must've dipped her paws in the paint (and possibly licked it off), because later that night my father saw her having convulsions. He called the emergency vet but didn't receive any response, so he did the best he could for her and then sat beside her all night while she had seizures and trembling. The next morning she seemed all right -- although quite weak and tired -- but Dad took her to the vet and had her checked out. This was several years ago, and she's now 18 years old and still going strong.

Back when I used to live in a house with my boyfriend, another couple and their two cats, my cat Spike would get shut up in the basement in the wee hours of morning because he'd get a little rambunctious and would wake everybody up (and terrorize my roommates' calico -- I don't think she's missed him since the move last year! ). Eventually, he figured out that if he pushed the fuse box door open, he could squeeze through a gap there and climb up the wall into the ceiling, and then through the ceiling he could hop down on the other side of the basement door. (I can't begin to fathom how long this must've taken him to figure out -- he's a very dim cat!) One day, I was playing computer games when I heard this pathetic meowing behind me. I turned around: no cat. Then I realized Spike had clambered over, through the ceiling, and then fallen between the outside wall and the inside wall, and was now trapped there! I was frantic. I could hear him clawing at the wall, trying to find purchase so that he could climb back out, and all the while he's keeping up this horrible sad crying. Just as I was getting ready to take a sledgehammer to the wall, he finally managed to grab hold of something and make his way back to the ceiling, where he could crawl back outside again. When he came out, he was filthy (it's not like you dust inside your walls!) and had his first shower. I don't know who was more scared: Spike or me! (Oh, and no, it didn't stop him from trying this again ...)
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Just after Simba went to Rainbow Bridge, Katie disappeared for 3 days... she was outside all that time. It was so terrible, I couldn't handle having both gone. Thank God Katie came back, she was grounded from going outside after that.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Reilly had an allergic reaction to a vacinne earlier this year. He had a seizure and was in the care of my parents at the time. I raced to the vet to meet them there (I was at work), I was crying so hard I could hardly see to drive.
This one actually made me get misty eyed. I don't know which part is worse, that it was something that you were trying to do to help him that made him sick, or that you couldn't be there with him. Poor Reilly and Miss Mew.
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My worst story is not nearly as bad as some of these....

The most scary, was when the vet called and said she had Bartonella disease. I was an emotional reck, and was sobbing on the phone with the vet. I didn't know anything about the disease, and was going through such a rough stressful time, and LuckyGirl was the only thing going right for Tom & I at that point... so hearing that she has a disease was like my whole world was just shattered. Now she's fine.

But 2 weeks ago, I couldn't find her anywhere... and I'm one of the crazies...if I don't see her within an hour or so, I walk through the house and look for her, just to make sure she's ok. I know, I need help. Either way, I couldn't find her... so I'm calling and calling for her...and no answer, I shake the treats, usually she will come running. No kitty. Then finally I hear a Meow... and I don't know where it's coming from, but it's only a few meow's, so I can't tell which room she's in. I'm tearing the whole place apart, when I see this tiny little paw, poking out of the hall closet. My hubby came home to grab a tool, turned his back for a second, and Miss Nosy Body HAD to go in the closet to look around! I called my husband and gave him a frantic piece of my mind... he felt bad, but he kept saying "she's ok right?" cause of how upset I was! I was almost in tears...
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Wow, some of these made my heart pound just reading them!! A lot of them are some of my worst fears with Madden. I've always been terrified of him getting near the stove when I'm cooking or near hot coffee or boiling water. We all should be crazy by now!!
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I've been pretty lucky with mine, but Peter did scare me more than a little when he jumped off our second floor porch last year. He was about 10-months-old at the time and quite the "into everything" little boy. Fortunately he wasn't hurt and I realized he was missing pretty quickly. I found him underneath the front bushes where I couldn't get to him. That was scary too because I was afraid he would bolt and head for the street. When he did bolt, it was toward the back of the house and I caught him underneath a large pine tree, scruffed him and got him inside. That must have been enough of an adventure for Peter, because he's never tried it again.
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Well, Monkey likes to walk the upstairs railing....and one time I saw her walking and she slipped but luckily she used her cat skills and just hung there....I was so upset with her and lets just say anytime I see her on there I go over and pick her up...
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When Viola was about a year old, she attempted to eat a needle and thread. She keep trying to cough something up but the real clue there was something wrong with her , she refused to eat. She never refuses food.!!! I ran her over to the vet and as soon as he opened her mouth there was the needle stuck in roof of her mouth. Luckily the thread was still attached. Scared me half to death. Now when I need to repair something , the cats get locked up in another room.
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Phenom once got into the access panels unter the jacuzzi tub and into the floor/ceiling. I was so scared she was going to die in there!! Luckily she came to Lee when he got into the attic and called her! Silly kitty!
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