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acidophilus for diarrhea??

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I have been having problems with my new kitten and diarrhea. Well the vet does not seem to concerned and gave me a few things I could try as well as the breeder I got him from.

The vet told me boiled chicken and rice for a day with no dry food or water and only ice cubes. But I have 2 cats and would have to do it for both of them. I think it is a little to hot to not have a lot of fresh water around.

Then the breeder told me to give him the acidophilus capsules twice a day and feed him Iams hairball formula food and no wet food which I have completely cut out giving him for now.

I bought the capsules but they look kind of big to give the kitten to swallow and I am a little nervous giving him any kind of medicine herbal or not.

I was just wondering if anyone has tried either of these methods and if anyone has used the acidophilus for their cats?

I know I should do the vets way but the no water thing makes me nervous. Plus I do not think Sebastian will eat the chicken and rice because he does not like people food at all.

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The probiotic should work well. Is it a powder? Could you maybe sprinkle it on some wet or dry food? (since the capsule is really big)
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Yeah there is a powder inside the capsule. I mean its not huge but its about the size of one of the tylenol or advil gel capsules if you have ever seen them. I just do not want to choke him or give him a medication that will have any side effects for him.

The problem is I can not give him wet food because I think that may be one of the problems. And I can not sprinkle it on the dry food because Sebastian will eat it as well.

Fur kids!! They give you as much worry as human children..LOL
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I used jarro-dophilus plus FOS (12 billion per gram) and worked like a charm. Cleared up within 24 hours. It was a perscription. Well worth the expense considering the alternative.
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